the Earth whispers, and dreams take flight. 


growth blossoms in harmony with the world around us, a symphony of giving and receiving. As it nourishes us, we nourish it in return. This interconnectedness, this symbiosis, lies at the heart of our space.


evolution unfolds in the dance of 
self-discovery, where we grow by absorbing the lessons around us and transform them into strength and wisdom. This journey of personal evolution is a delicate balance, a mutual enrichment where our growth feeds back into the world.

This symbiosis, this deep connection, forms the essence of our sanctuary. 


are a sanctuary built by and for individuals who refuse to let their dreams sink beneath the surface. Here, individuals discover their unique calling, their purpose in contributing to a thriving planet.


you already lies the potential to shape reality. Our task is to nurture your light and awaken your gifts.


us in weaving a world where humanity and nature flourish as one.




Shamanic wisdom meets modern needs, advocate for honoring your true nature and authentic selves to bring our best to the world. 

Shaman, author, and guide, Rudá Iandê blends ancestral wisdom with the realities of the modern world. Initiated into Amazonian shamanism at age 15, he empowers individuals to break free from self-imposed limitations, awaken their innate creativity, and step into their full potential. His work bridges ancient practices with contemporary challenges, attracting visionaries around the world who seek to honor their authentic selves. Experience Rudá’s guidance and discover your own power to shape your life’s journey.



Entrepreneur and explorer, passionate about embracing the road less taken, teaching others how to live freely and enjoy the journey.

Driven by a passion for unlocking human potential, Justin is the Co-founder and CEO of Ideapod, a platform dedicated to fostering meaningful conversations about big ideas. He believes in the the power of purposeful thinking to transform lives and ignite personal growth. 

Justin’s expertise extends beyond just sparking discussions; he’s a catalyst for change, harnessing diverse perspectives and to fuel innovation. His leadership in the digital media landscape (holding Director positions at Brown Brothers Media and Mosquito Fleet) demonstrates his ability to identify trends and empower others to thrive in a changing world.

Justin’s belief in the transformative power of ideas fuels Ideapod – he helps others to find their purpose by exploring their passions, values, and unique contributions.



Life and Career Strategist, guiding people towards crafting a life filled with personal satisfaction and professional achievement.

Jeanette brings a refreshingly different perspective to the world of coaches and gurus. A firm believer in self-empowerment, she guides individuals towards creating lives they love, encompassing both personal and professional fulfilment. 

Her diverse background in education and executive management fuels a unique ability to connect with people of all backgrounds. Jeanette’s passion for self-development shines through her 20+ years of study and self reflection, culminating in a powerful self-coaching model that empowers individuals to rethink their purpose and achieve sustainable change. Now in “hybrid retirement,” Jeanette dedicates herself to helong others unlock their inner coach and pursue their own fulfilling paths. 



Creativity and grace to turn challenges into new chances. Passionate about redefining breakups, empowering individuals to discover strength after heartbreak.

An Australian entrepreneur and writer, Annabel on a mission to redefine breakups, empowering individuals to find strength and self-dscovery after heartbreak. Her platform, “Never Like It Anyway”, turns breakups into positive transformations, allowing people to sell unwanted baggage and fund their post-breakup glow-ups. A self-proclaimed ‘eternal optimist’ with a global perspective (she’s lived in Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York, LA, and traveled to over 60 countries!), Annabel also brings her innovative spirit to Deloitte Digital. There, she helps Fortune 500 companies worldwide develop future-focused strategies as an innovation and marketing consultant. 


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