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Free Your Mind: An Invitation to Give up on Toxic Spirituality and Meet Your True Self

Join the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê in breaking through the most common myths, lies, and pitfalls in the spiritual world in order to develop your own spiritual path that is truly empowering.


57 minutes




Free exercise

What You’ll Experience

Develop your own cosmovision to chart your own path forward in life.

Break through the social, cultural and spiritual conditioning that messes with your mind, poisoning your relationship with yourself and disconnecting you from your true potential.

Learn the most common hooks that make us vulnerable to spiritual manipulation.

Join a powerful exercise that shows how limitless you are and how impossible it is for you to be encapsulated inside concepts and definitions.

Make a powerful commitment to be present in your being and evolve from frustration, guilt and pain to a place of love, acceptance and joy.

Who is Rudá Iandê?

Rudá Iandê is a world-renowned shaman who has helped thousands of people to align their lives with their instinct, consciousness, and true nature. His knowledge is unique because it comes from allying ancient shamanic knowledge with a modern-day focus on helping people to drive change in their lives.

In Rudá’s own words:

“My work is unique because it comes, from the essential knowledge in my core, from my intuition and from my talent, which has been refined over more than 28 years of practice, during which I have been working with thousands of clients from all over the world. I share this knowledge with people who value it and dedicate their time and energy to a purpose: that of knowing themselves. My language is not mystical, it is practical. I instigate people to overcome their limitations. I believe true spirituality should generate impact on the material and day-to-day dimension. I only believe in knowledge that can be applied, that drives change.”

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