Feeling lost in life’s transitions? “Reset Your Life Compass” with Jeanette Brown is your guide to navigating change. This workshop offers tools for self-discovery and goal-setting. Learn to embrace your future with confidence. Enroll now and start living the life you’ve always envisioned.

4 Module


75 Page



Finding Your Way Through Life’s Most 
Challenging Moments

Life changes can leave us feeling lost, alone, and afraid. Perhaps you’re grieving the end of a relationship or struggling with unforeseen career changes. Or maybe you’re grappling with a recent relocation, health issues, or simply feel stuck in an unhappy chapter.

Wherever you are on your journey, change often brings complex emotions to the surface. You may feel weighed down by uncertainty, grief, or fear. Your sense of purpose and self may feel fractured.

This course is for those searching for a light to guide them through difficult transitions. By tuning into your inner wisdom and reflecting deeply on your experiences, you’ll uncover your deepest values, shift limiting beliefs, set meaningful goals, and chart a roadmap to a more fulfilling life.

Join me on this powerful inward journey to rediscovery to honor the past, nurture the present, and boldly embrace your future. By facing uncertainty with mindfulness, curiosity and compassion towards yourself, you’ll cultivate resilience and find hope amidst change.


Embrace change, Redefine your future and Navigate your way to a fulfilling life


“Reset Your Life Compass” is an immersive, step-by-step program delivered through a combination of video lectures, text materials, and interactive exercises. Each module is carefully designed to take you through different aspects of managing life transitions, providing both practical tools and theoretical understanding.

Here`s a glimpse of what you can expect

Module 1: Engage in self-discovery through personal journaling and a life review.

Module 2: Develop a vision for your future, set meaningful goals, and understand your values.

Module 3: Create a personal blueprint for change and learn effective habit transformation techniques.

Module 4: Reflect on your journey, build your  emotional agility, and  apply these concepts to your life.


By the end of the “Reset Your Life Compass” journey, you’ll have acquired the tools and insights necessary to   successfully manage life’s transitions on your own.

You’ll feel empowered to take control of your life, set meaningful goals, and  take action  that aligns with your values and aspirations.

You’ll also gain a deeper appreciation of your personal journey, recognize your unique strengths and capabilities, and foster a greater sense of resilience and adaptability  in navigating life’s changes and transitions 


Embrace change, Redefine your future: Navigate your way to a fulfilling life


Take the Driver’s Seat in Your
Journey to Fulfillment

The journey through life is filled with twists and turns, and sometimes, the best coach you can have is yourself. “Reset Your Life Compass” introduces you to a transformative self-coaching model – a cyclical process that you can apply throughout your life. This isn’t just a temporary guide; it’s a lifelong companion.

Key Features of the Self-Coaching Model:

Unlock the power of looking inwards through journaling activities and completing a review of your life as it is now.

Develop a clear and inspiring vision for your future and set personal, meaningful goals that resonate with your core values.

Develop an intentional and curious mindset.

Create a personalized blueprint to turn your dreams into reality. Break down your journey into manageable, achievable actions and monitor your progress.

Learn effective techniques to break free from unproductive habits and patterns of behavior that are holding you back.

Life changes and so you will your plans and goals. Regularly review and adjust your approach to stay aligned with your evolving self.

Nurture the essential skill of emotional agility.

Through this self-coaching model, you’ll learn to navigate life’s transitions with confidence and resilience. It puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you control over your direction and destination.

This powerful tool does more than just help you through the current transition; it equips you with the skills to coach yourself to happiness and fulfillment, no matter what life throws your way. It’s about building a sustainable, self-empowered approach to life that resonates with your unique journey.

Join us and discover how to become your own most effective coach.


Embrace change, Redefine your future and Navigate your way to a fulfilling life


Hi, I'm Jeanette Brown, creator of "Reset Your Life Compass."

I specialize in guiding people through major life changes like personal growth, career transitions, starting businesses, and more. With a background in education, career development, and leadership, I’ve worked as a teacher, career coach, and executive manager, honing my skills to help others excel.

“Reset Your Life Compass” empowers you to take control of your life, embrace change, and steer towards fulfillment and happiness. Join me on this journey to find your direction and make the most of life’s changes.


Reset your life compass Journal

Record your Reset Your Life Compass learnings in a Journal

When you sign up for the full Reset Your Life Compass video course, you’ll receive the Reset Your Life Compass Journal as a free bonus. This special journal, designed as an editable PDF, is your personal space to interact with the course on a deeper level. Use it to jot down your thoughts, reflections, and progress as you navigate through the course. It’s user-friendly and can be accessed on any device, making it convenient for you to engage with it whenever inspiration strikes.

This journal isn’t just a notebook; it’s a tool that helps you connect the dots, make sense of your journey, and keep a record of your personal growth. It’s designed to be your companion in this journey of change, helping you to reflect, plan, and reset your life’s direction.


Stephanie, graduate student
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“The brilliance of working with Jeanette was that, despite her upbeat and structured approach, she explains from the start she is there to impart skills, not discipline. It’s a means of acquiring the tools to coach yourself through life. It is challenging, at times confronting, but essentially a very rewarding experience. Jeanette’s enthusiasm is contagious, and I would recommend her for her professionalism and clear communication skills.”
Dennis, manager
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I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Jeanette and commend her on Life Journal, a motivational and accessible online course supporting me to find my direction in life and take the steps to get there!
Sally, administrator
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Life Journal has helped me clarify what my goals are and how I will achieve them. I would highly recommend Jeanette ‘s coaching model to anyone.


Most frequently asked questions and answers.

You can complete the course at your own pace, but we recommend making a habit of it and committing to its completion in 16 days – that’s one challenge a day. You can do it!

You’ll have lifetime access to the program. You can do the journey at your own pace, and you can also come revisit the classes whenever you want.

You will need a device with internet access to view the course materials and participate in the program.

We offer a 365-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the course, simply let us know, and we’ll refund your investment.

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