8 signs your partner loves you deeply, according to psychology

You care about your partner so much that you feel like shouting it from the rooftops.

You can no longer picture your life without them, you’re willing to make sacrifices to keep them around, and you’re excited for your relationship to blossom.

All in all, you’re smitten.  

But do they feel the same way?

Here are 8 signs your partner loves you deeply, according to psychology.

Their actions trump their words.

1) They listen to you (for real)

Psychologists insist that listening is a crucial aspect of loving others well.

If your significant other loves you deeply, you’ll notice that they pay attention to the words coming out of your mouth.

Have you ever found yourself telling a story, perhaps about your day at work or a childhood memory, and saw their eyes light up with attentiveness?

It’s as if they’re hanging on your every word. They genuinely want to know more about you.

Not only that but they take time to digest the information you share with them, they remember little details you mentioned maybe once, and they commit to memory the stuff that seems important to you.

This level of engagement isn’t about being polite or making conversation.

It’s a reflection of their profound connection to you.

2) They make time for you (no matter what)

Prioritizing your relationship for just 4 hours per week can make a huge difference, according to psychology.

Your partner doesn’t just abide by this rule but goes the extra mile.

They check in regularly, they spend time with you whenever possible, and they’re there when you need their support.

While everyone gets busy, you don’t have to worry about your boo pulling a disappearing act.

They make sure you know they’re only a text away, and they try to make it up to you when they’re not able to see you in person.

3) They (always) respect your boundaries

That being said, your partner doesn’t demand to spend all their time with you.

They understand you have your own life and they’re not bothered by you trying to assert your independence.

According to psychology, alone time in a relationship is beneficial because it enables you to engage in self-care activities and can renew your desire for your boo.

Furthermore, it prevents resentment from building.

When you’re in each other’s company 24/7, you might start to see your partner as an obstacle to doing the things you want.

Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you should lose your identity.

Your career, friends, and hobbies may take a backseat during the honeymoon phase, yet you shouldn’t neglect them for too long.

Be an “I” as well as a “we.”

As long as your partner respects that, consider it a green flag.

They don’t cross boundaries because they care about your well-being.

That’s hot.

4) They support your goals (even when they don’t make sense to them)

A partner who loves you deeply will support your goals, no matter how silly they may seem to them.

Do you want to run a marathon? They help you come up with a training plan and stick to it.

Do you want to try painting for the first time in your life? They surprise you with art supplies.

Do you want to learn to roller skate at the age of 42? They insist you wear a helmet and cheer you on.

Psychologists state that both emotional and practical support are essential in a healthy relationship and significantly impact the probability of both partners reaching their goals.  

If your sweetie is down to help out whenever they can, they’re likely besotted.

How lucky are you?

5) They show affection (in their own way)

Psychology identifies five love languages, which influence how we express and interpret love:

  • Words of Affirmation (compliments, words of encouragement, and expressions of love)
  • Acts of Service (cooking your partner a meal, running errands for them, helping with chores)
  • Receiving Gifts (gifts serve as symbols of love, thoughtfulness, and appreciation)
  • Quality Time (spending uninterrupted time together, engaging in meaningful conversations, going on dates, participating in shared activities)
  • Physical Touch (any form of physical contact that conveys warmth and intimacy)

While everyone has a primary love language, some people resonate with several or all of them.

For instance, my main love languages are quality time and physical touch, but I enjoy receiving (and giving) gifts and compliments.

Acts of service feel a bit random to me, but I know people who thrive when they can express their love by cooking their boo breakfast or fixing their car.

When you and your partner have different love languages, it can initially present some challenges in understanding each other’s needs.

If you crave physical touch and your partner isn’t a touchy person, it takes a while for you to find common ground. Communicate openly, however, and you’ll get there.

Until then, ask your boo how they interpret love and notice their behavior.

If they show you affection in their own way – whether that means holding your hand in public or making you coffee in the morning – they’re all in.

6) They fight when it matters (instead of running away)

Fighting can bring couples closer, according to psychology.

Regardless of how crazy you and your boo are about each other, disagreements will still pop up.

When that happens, how your partner reacts speaks volumes about how invested they are in the relationship.

Is your significant other willing to fight with you until you reach a compromise? Then they probably love you deeply.

Are they more likely to bolt to cool off? Do they tend to ignore problems?  

Then they might not be as excited to make things work as you’d hoped.

When a partner is willing to engage in conflict, it indicates that they care about the relationship and are keen to resolve underlying issues.

Rather than avoiding difficult conversations or pretending everything is fine, they want the two of you to work as a team and find solutions together.

Their goal is to strengthen your bond through honest and constructive dialogue.

You’ve hit the jackpot.

7) They talk about the future (and theirs includes you)

Psychologists explain that a big sign that you’re in love with someone is that you want to plan a future with them.   

Following this logic, you can tell whether your partner loves you deeply by assessing whether they’re in it for the long haul.

Signs in the right direction include:

  • They bring up the possibility of reaching more relationship milestones (traveling together, moving in together, starting a family)
  • They include you in their social circle and introduce you to their loved ones
  • They talk about shared goals and values
  • They ask for your input when dealing with a problem
  • They keep their promises and prove you can depend on them in times of need

If any of these sound familiar, you’ve found yourself a good one.

8) They make you feel valued (every day)

Another big sign that your partner loves you deeply is that your intuition says so.  

You don’t feel like your boo takes you for granted. 

Quite the opposite: you feel appreciated and can tell they’re happy you’re around.

According to psychology, accepting your partner for who they are is a big part of making them feel valued.

It’s also something you do when you care about your sweetie a lot.

Your partner wouldn’t bother to show you how much you matter to them if they didn’t have deep feelings for you.

As long as you can be 100% yourself around them, warts and all, without fearing judgment or rejection, your boo is head over heels.  

They know what you bring to the table, and they’re eager to hold on to you for as long as they can.

Bottom line

When someone loves you deeply, you don’t have to wonder about their commitment.

They show you they’re devoted every chance they get.

People who send you mixed signals and leave you confused might not care about you as much as you’d like.

But if your partner consistently does everything on this list?

They’re just as smitten as you are.

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