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I’m so pleased you have decided to join me on Reset your Life Compass challenge. It is only 5 days but if you watch my videos and do the activities, you will learn how to reset your life compass to navigate your way to a more intentional, purposeful life you love!

You’ll learn how to integrate reflective writing into your life, and you’ll end up with your own personal action plan.

What does it mean to Reset your Life Compass?

Basically, it’s when you take time to take stock and reflect on your life on all the different aspects, the good and bad. You gain a greater understanding of yourself and what it is you want for a better life.   

Doing intentional work like this to reset your life compass helps you on a deliberate pathway to a more fulfilling life. It is the first part of a powerful process that not only helps you on a pathway but gives you the skills to coach yourself to a happier, more purposeful life. I teach the full process in a 6-module online course Life Journal. You can see the details below.

In our busy, frenetic world, so many of us work our way through our to do list, take care of everyone else, and keep moving and doing and hoping we are going in the right direction without asking ourselves what’s important to us or how ae even are.

To reset your life compass, you are taking stock of your life at this point in time and examining areas that takes your time, space, mental, emotional and physical energy. It will give you more clarity on what you want to enhance or even transform in your life and most importantly it will set you in the right direction.

There is no doubt doing a challenge like this can be hard. It’s always tough getting honest with yourself about areas where you feel dissatisfied in your life, and which are holding you back. You are getting out of your comfort zone and that is never easy.

It’s important here you don’t judge yourself or compare yourself to others. In fact, this is the time to be kind and gentle with yourself. Practice some self-compassion here while you’re doing the challenge. Acknowledge that you are doing this because you want more growth, joy and meaning in your life.

Good luck with the challenge. You will gain a great deal from it!


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