8 signs you’re on the verge of a life transformation (and how to embrace it)

If life is about anything, it’s about the quest to become the best version of ourselves we have it in us to be.

None of us are perfect, or ever will be. So to become the best possible version of ourselves, we need to transform.

But the path to these kinds of transformations is never simple. We will all experience setbacks along the way, or hit those periods where it feels like we’re not making any progress.

It’s exactly then, when we feel most stuck, that we are closest to the transformation we want.

If you want to stay motivated on the path of personal growth, stay attentive to the signs that transformation is coming. And when it does come, embrace it to become the person you have it in you to be.

1) Things fall apart

No one ever said the path to spiritual growth is easy.

One of the most distressing signs of a coming transformation is that things start to fall apart.

The normal patterns of your life may start to fragment. You may lose interest in the things that used to give you pleasure, or no longer be driven by the same goals that once motivated you.

These are just the outward signs that who you are is about to change.

The thing is, you have to get rid of the old to make way for the new. So as disturbing as it can be to feel as though your life is fragmenting, it’s a sign that transformation is on the way.

How to embrace it:

It’s important to remember that the things that are falling apart are the things that won’t serve you in the next evolution of your life.

All you can do is surrender to the process and allow the things that are no longer serving you to fall away.

Yes, it can be painful, and scary at times. But remember that there is no transformation without change.

2) You feel confused and anxious

Change is always a threat.

We all have that part of our brains that only wants the status quo, that wants things to stay the same forever so that we can predict everything that will happen and know what’s coming.

But a transformational journey is the exact opposite of all that.

It’s normal to feel anxious about an uncertain future. It’s normal to feel confused when your heart wants to go one way and your brain wants to go another.

Unfortunately, transforming yourself comes with a lot of confusion and anxiety. But these negative feelings can be a sign of positive growth.

How to embrace it:

Stop trying to understand.

Not everything will be clear to you right away. And when you try to wrap your head around the changes coming your way, it often causes stress and anxiety.

Just relax and trust the process as you become a better self.

3) Your old patterns aren’t working anymore

We all fall into a certain pattern in our lives.

Maybe it’s the routine of work, taking care of the home and family, and trying to find time for the things you enjoy.

Maybe it’s the way you spend social time with others, going to the same places, laughing at the same jokes.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, as long as it makes you happy.

But when transformation knocks on the door, you suddenly find that the old ways of doing things aren’t working anymore.

That regular meet-up with friends may not bring you the joy it used to. The way you go about your work is no longer getting the results it used to get.

This is another scary part of transformation. And it’s often a sign that big change is on the way.

How to embrace it:

Stop fighting the coming change.

It’s tempting to apply more effort to try and get things to do what they used to do.

But change is the fundamental law of the universe, and you can’t fight against it. All you can do is move with it and ready yourself for the next stage.

4) You feel a need to withdraw

Some things are best gone through alone.

When you feel yourself starting to change, life can become a confusing experience. And when that happens, it’s tempting to withdraw from other people and spend more time alone.

Sometimes, that’s exactly what your coming transformation needs.

Spending time alone allows you to focus on your own thoughts, your own needs, and your own ideas. And if you want the transformation that is coming for you to be a positive one, you need to stay closely acquainted with yourself.

That’s why some time alone can be exactly what you need.

How to embrace it:

Carve out some time for yourself. Even 10 or 15 minutes a day of quiet meditation can help you get clear on what is changing within you. Follow the impulse to spend more time alone so that you can focus on your transformation.

5) Old relationships change or fade

This is another part of spiritual growth that can be very painful.

Not all relationships are meant to last forever. And when you are on the path of transformation, you can’t take anyone else with you. Ultimately, this is your journey to make alone.

Some people will always accept you. Some people will grow right along with you. Those are the people who are likely to stay in your life as you continue to improve yourself.

But others will fade away.

They may not understand what you’re going through. Or, as you start to change yourself, you may no longer be able to relate to them the way you once did.

It’s sad to lose the relationships we once valued. But as you change, your relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners needs to change with you, or else fade away.

How to embrace it:

Don’t push too hard.

Some people will be able to handle the changes in you. Some won’t.

Focus your energy on the people who can accept your transformation and let the others go.

Yes, it can be extremely painful, and you need to allow yourself to grieve your relationships. But you need to accept that people grow apart.

6) Your sleep is disrupted

This is an underrated but powerful sign that change is on the way.

Maybe you sit up all night, unable to sleep because your mind keeps racing.

Alternatively, you may find yourself sleeping more than ever, but still feeling tired when you wake up.

The thing is, changing takes an enormous amount of energy. As your consciousness expands, you’ll find yourself having lots of new thoughts that will make it hard to sleep. But the fatigue that comes with growth may also tire you out.

How to embrace it:

Listen to your body. If you find yourself needing more sleep, get it. If you find you can’t sleep at night, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Spend that time reading, meditating, or feeding your brain so it has something to work on.

7) You struggle to focus

As your priorities change, your focus will too.

When you are on the path to transformation, your brain will be busy with so many other things that it can be hard to focus on what once occupied you.

Whether it’s your job, your interests, or your daily tasks, it becomes difficult to stay focused when a big change is coming.

How to embrace it:

Do your best. But don’t be too hard on yourself.

Understand that what you’re going through is going to take a huge amount of mental resources, so there won’t be much left for other things.

8) Your personality changes

Other people may point this out to you. Or you may notice it yourself.

Usually, the signs are fairly subtle. You will notice that you no longer take interest in things you used to enjoy, and instead are more interested in things that didn’t concern you before.

You may notice your emotions changing, too. Maybe you used to be short-tempered but are becoming more patient.

Maybe you used to be jealous, but are letting those negative thoughts go.

The personality is always a moving target, something that constantly changes throughout our lives. If you or others around you notice these changes in yourself, it’s a good sign that transformation is coming.

How to embrace it:

Change is inevitable. But by embracing it, you can help to direct it.

As your personality changes, think about the person you want to be. Focus on the character traits you would most like to have, and try to develop them.

Ultimately, transformation can make you a better person, but it will require everything you have to give.

Stay alert for the signs, stay focused on what is happening, and you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve.

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