An honest and genuine process in discovering your true purpose and developing a mindset of taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Learn more about the course by watching Justin’s video below.


When you take responsibility, you shift focus from external circumstances to what’s happening inside you.

When you take responsibility, you empower your instinct to start operating.

When you take responsibility, you automatically take action.

Is this you?

You feel stuck. Held back by the same rut, every day.

You want to change your life, but don’t know how to begin.

You wish for a chance to create a new beginning in your life.

If this is you, then this is your workshop.


Developing Your Personal Power is a journey created by Justin Brown to embed a very powerful operating rhythm deep inside you for constantly moving forward in life – even when it feels like life is working against you. The result is a powerful understanding of your true life purpose and a mindset of taking action and moving powerfully through your life challenges.

This journey contains a series of video and written lessons, challenges, exercises and a supportive community which all work together to create a mindset of taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life. As you move through the journey, you won’t need to think so much about how difficult it is to take responsibility. It happens naturally as you cultivate a natural and genuine power from within.

The power comes from making the decision to take control of the personal power that has always existed within. This process helps you to become more aware of this very natural and accessible power.

Justin Brown is the co-founder of Ideapod and co-creator of The Vessel and credits the process shared in Developing Your Personal Power as the single most important factor for creating a life of purpose. He sees it as part of his life purpose to share these teachings as widely as he possibly can.

The key point is that you were born with all of the key elements you need to take control of your life and make it better. Your own life purpose has always been within you, waiting to be discovered so that you can build your reality around it.

Developing Your Personal Power is divided into five modules, all of which contain a series of lessons. Each lesson starts with a video as you can see above. The video explains the full lesson, and the written material below the video expands on the lesson in more depth. Each lesson contains a challenge or exercise for you to take on. The elements of a video, written material and an action all work together to catalyze powerful change deep inside you.

This isn’t an intellectual exercise where we teach you different perspectives on personal development. Instead, this is a journey of personal transformation. It’s important to embrace the seeing, reading and doing that offered in each lesson so that you translate what you learn into experiential knowledge.

Re-Engineer Your Life and Create a Motor of Change Deep Within


Justin Brown breaks down how to create a motor of change deep within so you can develop your personal power. 5 modules with lessons, videos and action steps.


You can follow our suggested 30-day schedule or work through the program at your own pace. It's entirely up to you.


There's a private group forum where you can connect directly with Justin Brown and the others taking the program. It's a small community so you'll have direct access. It’s a space where we can support each other in our journeys of personal transformation.

Here's what this journey will do for you

Live the life you’ve always dreamed of, without compromising who you really are.

It’s time to break the cycle of fear and do something that will push you forward in life that you always dreamed of.

The best part:

With this online journey, you don’t need to give up major parts of your life to make changes.

We give you the tools to identify what it is that makes up the “real you”. We then design a new reality around this.

With the skills you learn in this online journey, you’ll finally be living the life of your dreams, and it’s going to come from a very powerful place within.

Identify your true life purpose, and let it drive you forward

Don’t settle for anything less than living your true purpose.

Because the brutal truth is that you have only one chance at this life.

Join us in this journey and you’ll be given the tools to identify your deeper purpose, while creating an entirely new reality where this purpose drives you forward from within.

Create a motor of change within that will always be with you, no matter what challenges you face. This is no trivial matter. Creating a motor of change is the key driving force that the world’s most successful people seem to naturally have.

Once you’ve switched it on, you’ll have the power to face whatever life obstacles are before you.

In this journey, you’ll gain the skills to dramatically jump start your life. Your own motor of change will drive you forward, and it will be impossible for anyone or anything to ever switch it off again.

You are one decision from creating the most powerful kind of change… a change that comes from within.


Justin Brown is the co-founder of Ideapod. He also co-created The Vessel, a space for people to develop self-knowledge and enhance their personal power. Justin is a Ph.D. dropout who quit academia to pursue entrepreneurial projects. He’s now created multiple digital media platforms that reach millions of people every month. He’s passionate about supporting people to develop self-reliance and working together to make the world a better place.

What You'll get

Module 1: Your Inherent Creativity
Learn how to cultivate and enhance your innate creativity to fully express your true nature. In this module we look at:

● Where does creativity come from?
● Learn to make sound decisions
● Understanding the system around you
Module 2: The Cheap Wine of Tragedy
This module is about how easy it is to become addicted to tragedy in our lives. Observe how easy it is to look for problems to solve, and how you might offset your power to different types of healers and conventional therapists to fix them. In this module we explore:

● Breaking from feeling addicted to struggle
● Gurus and addiction to pain
● The illusion of being special
● Taking time out from the blame game
Module 3: Finding Your Power
Take a closer look at your relationship with the future. It can be very inspiring and empowering or very disempowering and anxiety-inducing. In this module we investigate

● Concepts of the future and the present
● A search for deep meaning
● What are you afraid of?
● Identifying obstacles
Module 4: Relationships
Question how easy it is to fall into power struggles instead of loving exchanges with the people in your life. Look closer at how relationships that become twisted in power exhibit rivalry and competition, rather than cooperation and solidarity. In this module we explore the underlying foundation of our interactions:

● Are we in dominance hierarchies?
● Horizontal vs vertical relationships
● We are comrades
● Setting boundaries
Module 5: Taking Responsibility
In this module we look at how you take responsibility for what happens in your life. This isn’t about being “tough” or just deciding that you’re going to think differently. It’s about radical self-honesty. Together, we look more closely at:

● Emotional frustrations and freedom
● Finding yourself in service of others
● Purpose and goals

Each module contains:

An overview of the theory behind each module, including the latest research on personal responsibility and achieving success.

Detailed action steps. Take action immediately to implement positive change in your life.

Videos by Justin Brown, founder of Ideapod. Justin summarizes the key points in each module, outlines the action steps in more detail, and provides practical examples of how taking responsibility helped him transform his own life.

Recommended readings, including free web resources, which help you understand each topic in more depth.


Most frequently asked questions and answers.

When you enroll, you also create a user profile at the same time. To access Developing Your Personal Power simply login to The Vessel and you can easily navigate directly to the workshop.

Yes! Your enrollment in Developing Your Personal Power is backed by The Vessel’s 365-day money-back-guarantee. All you need to do is send an email within 365 days to and we’ll process your refund. No questions asked.

Developing Your Personal Power has been designed according to a 30-day program, with a clear schedule that we recommend you follow. However, you are free to move through the program at your own pace.

No! We recommend completing the online journey according to a 30 day schedule. We also provide some email updates according to this schedule to help you on your journey. But it’s entirely optional. You get immediate access to all of the modules and lessons and can complete it at your own pace. Some people complete the program in 15 days. Others do it over the course of a year. It’s entirely up to you.

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