The Weird New Way to Find Your Purpose (Without Using Visualization, Meditation or Any Other Self-Help Techniques)

Introducing: Developing Your Personal Power by Justin Brown

For a strictly limited time, you can join my online course, Developing Your Personal Power. We’ve significantly reduced the price to $39 (from $160) as it’s just been launched.

This is the online course to discover your true purpose in life using completely new and cutting-edge self-development techniques. If you don’t experience a massive shift in mindset from day one, you can take advantage of our unrivalled 365-day money-back guarantee.

I’m Justin Brown, the co-founder of Ideapod and co-creator of The Vessel, and I have one simple message for you that goes against everything you think you know about how to live a better life:

Stop trying to improve yourself.

The unfortunate truth is that almost the entire self-help industry is built around the proposition that you can, in fact, improve yourself.

There is an untold number of hyper-manicured guru-guys and guru-gals enthusiastically pushing you to change yourself…

To chase perfection.

To be the “best” version of yourself.

These self-proclaimed gurus feed your insecurities by showing off how wealthy, successful and happy they are.

Then they tell you that they alone have the secret to living a life just like them. You just have to improve yourself based on whatever formula the guru is offering you.

How many people have fallen for the trap? It must be hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people, that follow the formulas of gurus around the world, hoping to become just as happy, wealthy and enlightened as the guru…

It all has to do with the self-help gurus relentlessly pushing you to embrace the same counter-productive technique…


Specifically, they get you to paint a picture in your mind of the incredible life you could be living if you could only transform who you are and what you’re doing in the present.

Now, don’t get me wrong, our mind’s eye is one of the most important qualities that humans have.

The ability to visualize and imagine are the roots of being able to create our civilization and so many of the amazing technologies, structures, and artistry which goes with it.

If you want to turn your ideas into reality, if you want to create something outside of yourself, you have to be able to visualize the idea.
You need to be specific in visualizing the object you want to create.

But if you want to change your inner world… Which is the core of what self-development is about…

If you want to go really deep and get to the core of your emotions, values and deeper underlying principles, visualization doesn’t work.

Let me say that again.

You can’t use visualization when trying to improve your inner world.

When you use visualization for self-improvement, you get lost in a dream world.

You end up with a mess in your head.

And the vision of a perfect future is what creates the mess.

Addicted to self-help

I know this because for many years, I was addicted to the self-help industry and using visualization to try to change my life.

A key example in my life was trying to use visualization to “fix” my love life.

As a perpetually single man, I went to the self-help gurus to get advice.

They told me that the solution to my relationship woes was to visualize the perfect partner. They wanted me to fully embrace this vision to the point of feeling like this partner was already in my life.

For a while I got some results. I got a bit more clarity on the kind of person I was looking for.

But there was a very sinister by-product to visualizing the perfect partner.

Whenever I’d meet new people, I would compare them to the perfect vision I held in my mind.

And no-one managed to stack up.

No-one was perfect!

It was an unfair thing to do. Holding the vision of a perfect partner in my mind just caused me to see what was wrong with the people I was meeting.

I wasn’t open to possibilities. I wasn’t humble enough to see that no-one’s perfect.

But visualization didn’t just cause damage in my relationships.

The self-help gurus also wanted me to use visualization to enhance my entrepreneurial superpowers.

On the face of it, it makes sense to visualize being successful.

After all, to turn ideas into reality, we need to create a picture of the idea in our minds. We then need to bring this future vision into reality by making a plan and working towards it every day.

I use many visualization tactics to launch new projects and be creative.

But there’s a hidden downside to translating these visualization tactics into self-development – i.e. using visualization to transform our inner states.

In my case, the self-help gurus that were advising me tried to get me to visualize what my life would be as a billion-dollar entrepreneur.

What kind of life would I be living? What would my house look like? What car would I be driving?

I was then told to feel these visions as though they were already real.

I was asked to convince myself that I was already living the life of my dreams.

Just as happened with visualizing a perfect partner, visualizing a successful life did bring me some clarity.

And there was some progress. People around me became convinced of my success. The more certain I was, more people could trust in the vision I was laying out.

I launched a new platform and made a lot of progress.

But visualizing this level of success, and constantly being pushed to see myself as a billion-dollar entrepreneur, caused many internal issues that set me back.

It stopped me from embracing the limited success we were achieving early on.

All I could see was the gap between my vision and our imperfect progress.

I wasn’t able to enjoy the journey and move forward with any personal power.

It was visualizing, as encouraged by a whole range of self-help gurus, that caused so much damage to me at a personal level.

The visualizing kept me stuck in place, feeling guilty for not having achieved enough, feeling unsatisfied with the romantic partners I was meeting.

I ended up completely burnt out, running a business that wasn’t nourishing me and many unfulfilling relationships.

I’d become obsessed with an imaginary life in the future.

A future which never arrived – because it only existed in my fantasies.

As a consequence, I wasn’t able to connect with the present and move forward with any power.

So I pried myself away from the gurus and did
something different…

Módulo 02 - O vinho barato da tragédia (1)

Four years ago I traveled to Brazil to visit my good friend and the highly regarded shaman, Rudá Iandê.

Now, I’d always had tremendous respect for Rudá’s interpretation and embodiment of shamanism.

But the truth is there’s something remarkably unique about him which is the real reason I sought him out…

He values the modern life.

He wasn’t going to give me the kind of advice that would result in me rejecting the life I was living.

He wasn’t going to ask me to stop living in the big cities and go and participate in indigenous ceremonies in the Amazon.

Rudá Iandê is a real shaman, and he spends time doing these things himself.

But Rudá has a unique approach to helping people.

He helps you to discover your purpose in life and create your reality around it.

But it’s not the kind of purpose you figure out through visualization.

Rather, Rudá knows how to uncover your deeper purpose in life that’s always been within you.

Simply put, this grounded, incredibly wise shaman forever changed my life trajectory on that one trip to Brazil by doing one thing.

He helped me discover my true purpose in life.

That’s it.

This was the catalyst which broke my mental chains and allowed me to escape from perpetual stress, emotional insecurity and self-imposed limitations.

It’s also what empowered me to accomplish more than I could possibly have dreamed of in the last four years.

Understanding my purpose in life – my guiding north star, my reason for being – is what makes the challenges in life worth it.

It’s what gives me the power to embrace the struggles head on.

It’s the thing that makes me feel alive every single day, no matter what’s happening in my life.

And in my case, after heading down quite a toxic path by visualizing the perfect partner and imagining such extraordinary success as an entrepreneur, knowing my purpose has resulted in rich, warm relationships and having a wonderful support system.

Life purpose

Before I explain further, it’s important to note that the concept of finding your purpose is not original.

In fact, the gurus love to talk about this.

But here’s the difference between their teaching and what I learned from Rudá Iandê in Brazil.

Their conventional method demands you look to the future to find your purpose – a desired state to be reached (obtaining a certain amount of money, building a wonderful family, buying a yacht…etc.)

But the problem with these “goals” is they formulate purpose as an object in the mind which only exists in the future.

Rudá taught me that we don’t need to think about the future to figure out what our purpose is.

Purpose is something that already exists inside you.

It’s just been unknowingly suppressed – forced underground by years of naysayers, shiny-object chasing, and a steady dose of being told what’s what by some “expert guru” who supposedly knows more about yourself than you do.

How I discovered my purpose

Discovering my real purpose and reclaiming my life started very simply.

Rudá asked me two powerful questions to instantly realize what my purpose has always been.

The two questions were these:

  1. What are your emotional frustrations?
  2. How have you been helping others to overcome these same emotional frustrations in their lives?

Yes, these are the questions which began the process of unlocking my purpose.

And once I thought honestly to myself about the questions, the answers became very clear…

The answer to #1: My emotional frustrations have always been (i) my emotional insecurity regarding my finances and (ii) blocks (both internal and external) to my creative expression.

The answer to #2: For years I’d been helping others overcome their own financial insecurity by developing a big team, business partners, and a wonderful ecosystem.

And the products and platforms I’d created were all focused on helping people with their creative expression.

Módulo 05 _ Assumir responsabilidade (1)

This was the start of all the change I’ve experienced over the last 4 years.

And everything I learned from Rudá Iandê from that moment on allowed me to not only discover my purpose, but to actively pursue it. 

So what was my purpose revealed to be?

To support people in their creative expression so their creativity brings prosperity to their lives.

That’s right. My purpose comes from helping others to overcome the emotional frustrations I’ve been trying to overcome myself.

It was a mind-blowing realization.

And just knowing this immediately made me more energized, more optimistic, and I felt more alive.

I stopped seeing every bump in the road as a cataclysmic career-killer, and instead started flowing through them.

Because I now understood that these “setbacks” were just part of the journey to success.

And I wasn’t judging my failures against the perfect vision of success that I’d previously held in my mind.
Now everything made sense.

Because your success and happiness is not going to come from visualizing the perfect life.

It’s about building a pathway to personal power.

And it all makes sense when you discover your purpose.

So let’s get back to you…

I want to help you to discover your purpose.

To unlock who you really are and how you’re going to start experiencing the
successes you desire.

But here’s where it gets tricky…

…it can be very difficult to figure out your innate purpose.

After all, you’ve experienced decades of external forces dragging you away from yourself.

But we’re here to help.

Along with the team at The Vessel, I’ve created an online course, Developing Your Personal Power, that guides you through a 30-day process to create a mindset where you take responsibility for everything in your life to unleash your personal power.

The course finishes with a module where you articulate your deeper purpose in life. Not based on a manipulative vision of other-worldly success. Not based on repeating someone else’s vision of the dream life.

None of these things.

Instead, I’ve created a course that helps you figure out exactly what your purpose in life is. And you’ll use this purpose to start achieving the life you want and deserve.

In this 30-day online journey you’re going to discover:

How to create a life-changing mindset of taking responsibility

 (Blaming others might be easier – and sometime even legitimate – but it will get you NOWHERE)

How to reframe the obstacles in your life as welcome opportunities

You’ll learn how there are no bad days or bad experiences – everything which happens to you serves a purpose

How playing the victim is incredibly dangerous

Sure, society might encourage you to feel like you lack control, but you’ll be far more successful developing an empowered mindset

How to not get down from challenges, but instead draw energy from them

Challenges are simply tools to serve us. When you view them correctly, they’ll become the perfect training ground for your mind.

How you, and only YOU, can create your own confidence, success, and happiness

(Forget depending on the external for your internal well-being – our course shows you how you are the 1-and-only determinant of your future and emotional state!)

Take Advantage of the Launch Offer

Join Developing Your Personal Power now and get immediate access to 5 modules, more than 20 video lessons, written materials and accompanying action steps to build a new mindset and reality around your real purpose in life.

Yes, Developing Your Personal Power will help make all these things happen for you.

But your commitment is required.

And know this…while this 30-day course provides you with a clear path towards living a happier, stronger and more rewarding life, it’s not always easy.

You’re going to have to be completely honest with yourself.

And stick with it.

Because Developing Your Personal Power’s 5 modules are designed to do 1 thing… Help you shatter the false beliefs about who you are and what you’re capable of.

That’s when you’ll find your purpose.

From there the sky’s the limit.

The 5 modules break down as:

Module 1: Your Inherent Creativity

In this first module we’ll examine where your creativity comes from, the deep rooted process of decision making, and the system which seemingly keeps you down.

But most importantly…

We’ll go over how the system is NOT more powerful than you and how it’s YOUR CHOICE to break free from it.

Module 2: The Cheap Wine of Tragedy

Here we’ll dig deeper.

In this second module we’re going to look at how you could actually be addicted to the struggle and how the gurus slyly encourage your addiction to pain!

From there we’ll discuss if you are in fact “special” and how you can once-and-for-all escape the counterproductive “blame game” and finally start following your own inner voice.

Module 3: Finding Your Power

Now you’re in the flow.

So it’s time to discuss the future and the present. This includes the search for meaning, shaking down what you’re afraid of, and how you’re going to finally face up to the obstacles holding you back.

Module 4: Relationships

You might not realize it, but everything is a relationship.

And relationships can be everything from empowering, soulful connections to a proverbial ball-and-chain dragging us into confidence-killing confused darkness.

But relax…

Because in this module we’ll figure out where you’re at with your relationships.

We’ll examine if you’re in a dominance hierarchy, horizontal vs vertical relationships, how we’re all really comrades, and…

…the critical relationship survival skill of setting boundaries!

I.e., we’ll show you how to develop relationships which complement your purpose and serve as a supportive backbone to your present and future goals.

Module 5: Taking Responsibility

This is it, the final module.

Now we’re going to crack into your emotional frustrations, how to achieve freedom from them, and the lucrative beauty of finding yourself in service of others.

But most importantly, it’s here where you’re going to discover your true purpose and learn to set the proper goals to get you where you want to be.

Cover_Developing_Your_Personal_Power_ (1)

Our program is designed to bring you to the same brilliant point I arrived on my trip to Brazil four years ago.

Yep, that’s the moment when all of Rudá Iandê’s teachings truly sunk in.

When I experienced the “aha” spark which ignited my personal power over the last four years.

You can reach this place too.

Now people spend thousands of dollars to hire one-on-one coaches for just a few sessions a month.

All in an attempt to change their lives for the better.

But with the personal power journey, you’ll get the tools you need to break into your inner power all by yourself – to start enhancing your life for now and forever – all at a fraction of the cost.

Each module offers these mighty tools:

An overview of the theory behind each module, including the latest research on personal responsibility and achieving success.

Detailed action steps. Take action immediately to implement positive change in your life.

Videos by me, the co-founder of Ideapod and co-creator of The Vessel. I summarize the key points in each module, outline the action steps in more detail, and provide practical examples of how taking responsibility helped me transform my own life (and how it can do the same for you, too).

Recommended readings, including free web resources which help you understand each topic in more depth.

Your 365-day money-back guarantee…

Yes, this is unusual.

But there’s three reasons we offer such a generous policy:

Reason #1

Providing this journey for you will improve your creative self-expression, teach you how to finally unlock the purpose and power already inside you, and enhance the quality of your life.

This is aligned with my purpose.

Which means I don’t want the fear of spending money on a course like this to deter you.

Reason #2

As the adage goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Developing Your Personal Power’s results have already been demonstrated – but ultimately it’s up to you.

You’re the one who’ll be taking the course and you’re the one applying the powerful teachings.

And to be blunt, I don’t know if you’ll be as dedicated or consistent as you need to be to see the outstanding results.

And you might not be sure if you will be either.

Which is perfectly understandable.

So to free yourself of the stress of uncertainty, you’ll know that anytime over the next 365 days, you can get a 100%, zero hassle refund.

Reason #3

The course is excellent.

Which is why I can count on less than one hand how many refunds we’ve gotten.

We created this program out of commitment, and those who invest in this course experience that commitment through the incredibly high quality of the materials, the passion of its teachings, and the life-altering results they enjoy.

Where you go from here is your choice…

We can offer thousands of dollars in value for a relatively small price.

And eliminate all the risk.

But ultimately it boils down to a simple question.…

Do you want to keep on living the life you’re living?

Futilely searching for answers in the external things in your life… Desperately trying to find meaning in your career, your future goals, in the path your life is headed.

Trusting in the hyper-positive polished gurus who keep offering you the “golden carrot on the stick”.

Or are you ready to try something different?

An online workshop which shows you the power you already have inside you.

Taught by an average guy like me who’s now living an extraordinarily fulfilled life.

Because while the slick gurus want you to keep chasing the future.

I want you to start succeeding in the present.

To break free from the obstacles which are holding you back.

To claim ownership of your life.

And to use your newfound purpose to unlock the personal power which will take you wherever you want to go.

Remember, when you embark on your personal power journey, you won’t be alone.

I’ll be with you the entire time.

And during our adventure…

We’ll learn from each other (our community activities are designed to bring out the best in all of us).

We’ll inspire each other (you’ll be sharing your life lessons for others to learn while you gain valuable insights from fellow journeyers as well).

We’ll take responsibility for everything in our lives (there are no victims here, we’re always in control).

And together we’ll make the commitment to grab hold of our personal power right now.

You can do this.

All you have to do is click the button below to begin changing your life.

And while you have absolutely nothing to lose.

You’ve got an amazingly brighter, gratifying, purpose filled life to gain.

Introducing: Developing Your Personal Power by Justin Brown

For a strictly limited time, you can join my online course, Developing Your Personal Power. We’ve significantly reduced the price to $39 (from $160) as it’s just been launched.

This is the online course to discover your true purpose in life using completely new and cutting-edge self-development techniques. If you don’t experience a massive shift in mindset from day one, you can take advantage of our unrivalled 365-day money-back guarantee.

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