The 100 best relationship blogs in 2023 (complete list)

Navigating through relationships, marriage, and breakups is no easy journey, but it’s one we all embark on at some point in life. Relationships seem complicated at the best of times but they don’t have to be.

If you’ve got questions, doubts, or even just a desire to know more about how love works, you’ll find the answers here. To visit each blog, simply click on the name.

So, after scouring the net for the very best, we’ve put together the top 100 below. The list is broken down into the following categories:


1) Date Like A Grownup

Mentor, consultant, teacher, and first-time bride at 47, Bobbi Palmer believes there’s no limit on finding love.

Her blog is aimed at women over 40 who still haven’t found their Mr. Right and she does so with her gentle but effective coaching sessions.

The blog itself covers everything a woman needs to know about dating in the modern age — online dating, first dates, communication, and even where to meet men.

Check out this great post on “Should I Pay Attention to Chemistry? As a Mature Dater, Hell Yes!“.

What we love about this site:

Bobbi oozes positivity and there isn’t a subject she hasn’t covered.

For the independent woman over 40, this blog will surely set you on the right path to finding love!

2) Sexy Confidence

Dating expert Adam LoDolce has one mission — to help women understand men and find true love.

Adam has spent the last 10 years coaching both men and women on how to find and build healthy, long-lasting relationships.

His blog covers everything from dating to breakups, and he doesn’t shy away from revealing the truth behind how men truly think and feel in relationships.

This article on “6 Secrets Guys Wish You Knew About Love” is worth a read.

What we love about this site:

Adam’s success stories speak for themselves — his programs help women turn around their dating life and find fulfillment, happiness, and of course, love.

3) Evan Marc Katz

Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz offers relationship advice to women in the form of books, coaching, and products as well as his engaging posts tackling everyday dating issues.

His goal is to help you find love, and he knows that to do that, you need to first understand men — that’s where he comes in with his first hand, authentic guidance.

You’ll come across great articles like “How to Know If You’re Wasting Time on the Wrong Men” packed with genuine advice on how to read men in the dating world.

What we love about this site:

The site is very interactive and there are numerous videos, podcasts (great for listening to on the go), and articles all centered around understanding men and attracting love.

4) The Date Mix

The Date Mix by Zoosk says it all in the name — everything to do with dating is covered: sexting, relationships, first dates, and more.

Whatever stage you’re at in your love life, The Date Mix has got you covered with articles like “6 Insightful Dating Questions To Ask A New Partner”.

To make it easy to navigate, dating advice is broken down into age categories, LGBT, online dating, and more. And, if you’re tired of reading, there’s an abundance of informative videos available too.

What we love about this site:

As well as general dating info, there’s a whole section dedicated to “Data Study” — perfect for those who want the stats and facts behind dating!

5) Hey Saturday

If you need online dating tips, this is the site for you.

Saskia, the founder, specializes in online dating photography, and she’s got some great tips on how to improve your online dating profile, with a particular focus on your dating profile pictures.

As well as “badass” online dating photographers located across the US and the UK, Saskia shares tips like, “The Top Three Profile Pictures That Your Dating App Profile Must Have” offering top advice for both men and women.

What we love about this site:

Saskia identified a niche area in the world of online dating. Through Hey Saturday, she helps clients put together compelling dating profiles by enabling them to show up authentically and visually share what it’s like to be in a relationship with them.

She realized the source of finding modern-day true love comes from how you authentically present yourself online and that’s where her expertise comes in handy.

6) Dating

With a team of dating experts at hand, offers research studies, Q&A sessions, blog posts and an interactive community to get involved in.

Whether you want to know more about online dating or you need to prepare for a first date, their experts can help.

From online romances to surviving covid lockdowns with your partner, the experts encourage you to be your best self when it comes to dating and to make the most out of your relationships.

Check out this guide “5 Tips to Ensure You Have “Healthy” Relationship Standards”.

What we love about this site:

If you’re searching for dating coaches or matchmakers, there’s a clear directory with hundreds of experts vetted and recommended to help you on your dating journey.

7) Flirt 

Lighthearted, easy to read, and filled to the brim with great flirting and dating ideas, Flirt is the go-to place if you’re looking to improve your dating skills.

You’ll get practical advice on flirting in different situations, like in the workplace or online, and don’t forget to check out their dating posts on issues like “Ways The Younger Generation Gets Dating Completely Wrong”.

What we love about this site:

Flirt is a fun blog that’ll keep you engaged for hours.

In addition to lighthearted topics, they also share data and current trends for more in-depth dating advice.

8) The Urban Dater

For everything related to sex, dating, and relationships, this is your site.

The Urban Dater is committed to helping the masses improve their love lives through practical advice and tips.

The blog includes some excellent posts, like this on “7 Things I’ve Learned from Being a Serial Dater”, as well as an “Ask the Urban Dater” section where you can read real-life problems and solutions.

What we love about this site:

The posts are varied and cover a wide range of topics.

Whether you want to know about sexting, online dating, or how to take your relationship to the next level, they cover it all.

9) Sugar Daters

As the name implies, Sugar Daters is the ultimate blog for finding a sugar daddy, becoming one, or just for general information on the sugar dating world.

There are informative guides on how to be a great sugar daddy (or sugar baby), and they give real insights into what it involves. If you’re considering it, check out this article “Sugar Dating Secrets You Won’t Learn on the Internet”.

What we love about this site:

As well as the great tips on becoming a sugar daddy/baby, there’s also plenty of general dating advice that can be applied to any type of relationship.

10) Crated with Love

Crated with Love, founded by Tyler and Michelle, is a blog dedicated to date night and relationships. They have heaps of ideas that’ll help married couples and those in casual relationships loosen up and reconnect.

They also sell Date Night Boxes, full of goodies to enjoy on your next romantic evening. For some great date inspiration, check out this post on “A Guide to Date Night on a Budget”.

What we love about this site:

Tyler and Michelle have found a solution to dull dates, especially during pandemic times. Their Date Night boxes can be a one-off purchase or you can get a subscription for monthly fun.

11) Buzzluv’z Blog

At Buzzluv, they know how hard dating can be. That’s why they let you in on tips and advice to help you make the right choices when it comes to choosing a partner, with articles like “18 Signs To Know If He Has A Crush On You”.

For couples who have lost their spark, there’s plenty of reviving your relationship. And if you’re new on the dating scene, Buzzluv has you covered with their advice — in the form of articles and videos.

What we love about this site:

The advice is in-depth and to the point — no need to scroll for hours to find an article that’ll suit you.

12) Heart Hackers Club

Founder of Luxury Breakup Bootcamp, Amy Chan is considered the ultimate relationship and breakup expert. She uses spirituality and science to help people heal their old wounds and find new love.

As well as her boot camp, you can enjoy her book, read through the “Ask Amy” Q&A section, and get great tips from articles like “Seven Practical Steps to Heal After a Breakup”.

What we love about this site:

Amy covers everything from dating to nursing a broken heart. She gives clear, no BS tips on loving yourself and attracting the love you want.

13) Michaela Ray

Michaela is not different from the rest of us — she’s had her heartbroken, picked herself back up, and is now stronger than ever. That’s what makes her advice so genuine.

After studying NLP, she realized where she was going wrong in her relationships, and now she wants to empower others to love themselves first before finding love in a partner.

This blog is perfect for women who want to overcome their limitations and find the love they deserve.

Michaela offers plenty of handy tips, such as “How To Increase Your Sex Appeal Without Changing Your Body”, as well as workshops, free online course, one-to-one coaching sessions and an e-book Mindful Diva Dating.

What we love about this site:

Michaela is trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and her approach is all about building your confidence to attract true love — no gimmicks or cheesy articles.

14) The Feminine Woman

Created by author and coach, Renee, The Feminine Woman is your go-to guide for attracting the man of your dreams.

She tackles issues such as “Why Men Pull Away & How To Deal With It As A High Value Woman” and her ebooks and resources are designed to guide you through love, from first dates to a full-blown relationship.

What we love about this site:

Renee tackles the questions we all want answers to, such as when the right time to sleep with a guy is or what to do when things don’t work out.

15) DoULike Dating Blog

From dating website reviews to attracting the love of your life, DoULike has a great range of articles to check out.

They cater to both men and women looking for love, they cover topics like marriage, breakups, and online dating tips.

You might like this article on “Secret Places to Meet the Woman of Your Dreams”.

What we love about this site:

The articles are detailed and give full insights into each topic.

From date night ideas to the best sex podcasts, you can easily find great advice on dating and relationships.

16) EmLovz

Relationship coach and professional matchmaker Emyli have set out to help men and women find true love and intimacy. With 10 years of experience, she knows how the world of dating works.

Her site is full of useful information, all written by certified coaches.

A fantastic article to check out is “How to Know she’s The One to Marry”, and you may want to check out her coaching services too.

What we love about this site:

Emyli covers the whole spectrum, from first dates to breakups and all the messy, beautiful stuff in between. She’s also got great advice for online dating and using dating apps.

17) Find a Quality Man

Specializing in finding love after 50, love coach and dating expert Lisa Copeland hopes to inspire women with confidence and joy in their dating lives.

With her expert tips, you can read about success stories, online programs, dating sites, or just check out her wealth of blogs on dating, like this excellent article on “3 Tips For Overcoming Your Biggest Fears About Dating After 50”.

What we love about this site:

Lisa knows just what women after 50 are looking for, and she’s got some great tips on helping you find love later on in life.

18) Dating With Dignity

Relationship coach Marni Battista has put together this blog to help singles and couples create the relationships of their dreams. With a great deal of experience in the field, she knows it takes perseverance and hard work to create long-lasting relationships.

Whether you want to work with Marni, read her books, listen to podcasts or make your way through the fab blog posts, there’s plenty of dating advice to go around.

You might enjoy this post on “Why Nothing You’ve Tried With Men Has Worked”.

What we love about this site:

Marni keeps her blog posts short and sweet but packed with useful dating information. Her articles are easy to read and digest.

19) Maclynn International

Maclynn International is an award-winning matchmaking agency based in New York City, which is part of The Vida Consultancy in London. Gina Yannotta is the COO, Co-Founder, and Head Matchmaker of Maclynn International.

Gina and her team of psychologists and relationship experts use their wealth of knowledge to help exceptional singles all over the world with one very important goal- finding their ultimate match.

What we love about this site:

Merging their knowledge of psychology and dating, the team at Maclynn International makes sure to stay informed on current research in their field and writes thoughtful blogs full of evidence-backed research.

Maclynn International’s blog covers a wide range of topics that all ages demographics can relate to and is here to guide you through love during the pandemic, relationship dealbreakers, and everything in between. Check out one of their articles here: “Why the Dating Scene Might Be Better Than Ever”.

20) Barroom Genius

This website is aimed at men and women who want to master the dating game and find love. They tackle interesting topics, with articles on issues like “Should Men Pay for Dinner on the First Date?”.

Barroom Genius is designed to help you create the relationship you want to have.

They take into account things like social media and relationships, what to look out for in a partner and how love has changed in the 21st century.

What we love about this site:

They cover a range of dating topics, from infidelity to common questions we all share when it comes to embarking on a new love journey.

21) A Dating Dad

If dating is tricky, dating with kids can be even trickier — but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and find love along the way, just as blog creator Glen Ocsko, a single father of four, is discovering too.

Join him on his journey, enjoy the funny memes and engaging blog posts, and most importantly, revive your hope for finding love with kids in tow. Check out this article on “Using Sales Lessons To Find Love” to get you started.

What we love about this site:

Glen has a friendly, laid-back style which makes any visitor feel welcome. His articles are engaging yet lighthearted and easy to read.


22) Loving From A Distance

For those in a long-distance relationship (LDR), it’s worth checking out this blog by Michelle and Frank.

Making their relationship work despite the distance separating them, they learned how to navigate the highs and lows of not living nearby.

Their love story has resulted in a happy marriage, and although they live together now, they don’t regret starting a long-distance relationship. They now hope to share the same optimism with other LDR couples.

Articles such as “Constant Arguments in my LDR” are aimed at helping you work through your relationship problems.

What we love about this site:

People can write in with real-life issues they face in their LDR and the advice given is down-to-earth and realistic.

23) Bryan Reeves

Bryan Reeves wasn’t always a relationship coach, he once served as an Airforce captain before traveling the world to find himself, and experiencing a painful divorce in the process.

Bryan offers programs, coaching sessions, and down-to-earth articles on relationships, combining his experiences with his desire to help others. Check out this post on why “Without a Shared Purpose (Your Relationship Will Fail)”.

What we love about this site:

The blog is ideal for both women and men, with the articles tackling interesting issues on commitment, infidelity, and invisible relationship killers.

24) Juicebox

Juicebox is a site designed to help you improve your sex life, and as a result, have better relationships.

They cover everything from sexting to how to talk dirty — no subject is off-limits. They aim to boost your confidence, and their articles are to the point and engaging.

If you’ve got issues with your sex life, you might enjoy this blog post on “How to Fix a Sexless Relationship”.

What we love about this site:

The posts are relatable and informative. They cover issues we all want to know about but aren’t often addressed in many other related blogs.

25) Donna Barnes

With more than 30 years of personal experience in dating, relationships, and breakups, Donna is no novice. Not only does she offer great relationship advice, but she’s also an author and popular TV host with a wealth of dating knowledge.

On her blog, you’ll find coaching information, as well as fantastic articles centered around practical advice to help you improve your relationship.

What we love about this site:

Donna knows what she’s talking about. Her advice is easy to apply to real-life situations and there’s no doubt she’ll help you steer through your dating journey with ease.

26) Healthy Relationships

Therapist and Relationship Coach Monika Hoyt brings you a wealth of knowledge on how to build and maintain a healthy love life.

With over 20 years of experience, she knows exactly how to overcome relationship blocks and reconnect drifting couples.

You can take part in her masterclass, receive therapy with Monika or simply check out her interesting posts, like this one on “Deal Breakers in Relationships”.

What we love about this site:

Not only do Monika’s articles highlight key issues but they also clearly explain how to overcome the problem and strengthen the relationship. Valuable tips for all couples!

27) Esther Perel

For couples who need guidance with their relationship issues, couples therapist Esther is here to help. She understands the modern ideology of love and wants to share her knowledge with couples around the world.

Her blog offers resources for couples in the form of workshops and books. She has a comprehensive blog, including posts on issues like “How Erotic Thinking Helps Emotional Connection”.

What we love about this site:

Esther is dedicated and passionate about helping people improve their relationships. Her articles explain the science and research behind relationships, whilst still being easy to read.

28) Practical Intimacy

Reece & Jodie are a straight-up couple who don’t believe in filling their readers with BS advice. They keep it real and their site is perfect for anyone who wants to create true, practical intimacy in their relationship.

From articles on sex, like this engaging post on “Sex Tips For Men”, to creating a conscious relationship, they’ve got all bases covered.

Reece and Jodie also offer to coach for men, women, and couples.

What we love about this site:

Their commitment and passion in helping you create a happy relationship are clear to see and they’ve got the resources to back it.

29) Loving FLR

An entire site dedicated to female-led relationships, this blog created by Andrea draws upon her experience of being in a happy, secure, FLR. Her husband allowed her to take the reins and they’ve never looked back since.

Readers can learn how to create fulfilling female-led relationships using Andrea’s guidance and will have access to quizzes, educational content, real-life stories, and more when they subscribe to the newsletter.

What we love about this site:

Andrea also offers some useful books on creating FLR, as well as classes and coaching. As part of the newsletter subscription, you’ll gain access to personal advice and events.

30) Jess McCann

Whether you need advice on how to find love or what to do when you’ve found it, Jess can give you the answers you’re looking for. She’s worked with thousands of men and women, helping them to achieve relationship success.

Her blog contains e-books, coaching, and interesting articles like “Why You Haven’t Found Your Person”, which will help you understand your potentially toxic dating patterns.

What we love about this site:

Jess’s articles are descriptive and informative. There’s plenty of great advice to help couples find and preserve genuine, authentic love.

31) Morning Laziness

From relationships to one-night stands, Morning Laziness has a range of topics all centered around the dating world.

Whether you want to know the “10 Body Language Signs that She’s Interested in You” or basic tips on how to flirt with a guy, they cover it all.

What we love about this site:

Relationships are broken down into dating and sex, marriage and friendship, so it’s easy to find quickly find articles and advice.

32) The Relationship School

For the ultimate education in love and relationships, this blog is perfect. As well as training relationship coaches, they also offer some fantastic articles on navigating love.

They cover the conflict in relationships, like with this article on “How to Repair After a Fight” as well as tips on communication, commitment, and emotional intelligence.

What we love about this site:

The blog authors at The Relationship School dig deep past the surface and get down to the root causes of relationship issues. Their advice is clear, concise, and practical.

33) Baggage Reclaim

We all carry baggage, and blog founder Natalie wants to help you leave your insecurities in the past, heal your wounds and move forward into healthy relationships.

Natalie once suffered from poor boundaries, attracted emotionally unavailable men, and had several failed relationships. She realized the need for change and now, she wants to help others let go of their emotional baggage.

Her blog contains online courses, the option to work with Natalie, podcasts, and great articles like this one on “10 Essential Breakup Boundaries”.

What we love about this site:

Natalie helps you identify unhealthy relationships (and how to get out of them) in addition to identifying your insecurities and toxic habits.

34) James Michael Sama

Internationally recognized speaker and personal development coach James Michael Sama’s goal is to help you find fulfillment and happiness in life. And when it comes to relationships, he’s got the answers we’re all looking for.

His blogs break down complicated issues and make them easy to apply in real life, a great example being this article on “How To Set Healthier Boundaries in Life and Love”.

What we love about this site:

James doesn’t just share his advice in the form of engaging articles, he’s got coaching programs and books to check out too.

35) Be Wise Professor

Be Wise Professor focuses on marriage, relationships, and health. Their site has a whole host of engaging, relevant articles that’ll keep you hooked for hours.

Posts like “Factors That Contribute To Relationship Success and Failures” go in-depth into how relationships work and what you can do to make the most out of yours.

What we love about this site:

Their guides are super easy to read and navigate. They break advice down and explain it simply so you can easily apply it to your relationship and hopefully see improvement!

36) Man translated

For women who can’t get their heads around how men think and feel in relationships, blog creator David Darling is here to help you out. Having gone through difficult times in his marriage, he knows what it takes to come out stronger on the other side.

His blog focuses on understanding men — what makes them lose interest and what you can do about it. Check out this great article on “How To Make A Man Respect You”.

What we love about this site:

David gets to the heart of what men want in a relationship. His advice comes from personal experience, which he doesn’t shy away from sharing so that you get the whole picture.

37) Nomadrs

Nomadrs is designed to help you open your mind and live the life you want — including creating relationships that will bring meaning and joy to your life. There’s an emphasis on spirituality with articles like “14 Signs From The Universe Love Is Coming Your Way

From gaining new perspectives on relationships to how to let go of past baggage, this website will guide you through healing your old wounds to embracing new love.

What we love about this site:

Nomadrs doesn’t just focus on the positives in relationships, but also what to avoid — such as toxic relationships and how to deal with narcissists.

38) Psychology Today

You guessed it — this site is filled to the brim with psychology and their relationship advice is always written and backed by qualified experts in the field.

If you need advice on healing past traumas, creating healthy relationships, or moving on after heartbreak, Psychology Today covers it all. A great article to check out is “Staying in Love While Staying Yourself”.

What we love about this site:

This site covers everything you can imagine when it comes to relationships, love, sex, and breakups. The writers are all experts in their respected fields and their advice is credible (as well as helpful!).

39) Intentionally Intimate Relationships

Kyle Benson, the creator of the blog, draws upon his past experiences. Being so insecure to the point of physical illness, he recognized a need for change.

So, he provides useful, focused tips on how to overcome insecurities, improve communication and create secure-functioning relationships. He blogs about issues like “5 Rules for Having Constructive Relationship Conflict Conversation”.

What we love about this site:

Kyle’s site is super easy to navigate with his articles all separated into their relevant categories. He also offers ebooks, relationship resources, and courses on increasing intimacy.

40) My Pixie Blog

My Pixie Blog is a collection of posts focussing on topics like love, sex, travel, and lifestyle. Charlotte Klein uses her life experiences to help others as they try to build meaningful, deep, relationships whilst balancing a healthy lifestyle.

And let’s face it, we can all use some tough-love relationship advice from time to time, and with articles like “How Not To Completely Screw Up Your Relationship”, Charlotte doesn’t hide away from the truth.

What we love about this site:

The site is broken down into relevant categories, making it easy to scroll through and find what you’re looking for.

41) LoveLife by Jacqueline Hellyer

Sex therapist, relationship coach, speaker, and author Jacqueline gets down to the nitty-gritty of love, sex, and relationships in this lively blog.

As well as her expert advice on love, Jacqueline will also work wonders for your sex life and drive with articles on how to “Become A Sensual Explorer” and take love-making to the next level.

What we love about this site:

There’s a great balance between love and sex, and Jacqueline has a way with words when it comes to explaining true, genuine intimacy.

42) Get The Guy – Mathew Hussey 

Well-known in the dating world, Mathew reveals the truth about men in relationships and helps women find the love of their lives (and create successful relationships). He’ll give you communication hacks, tips on getting the guy of your dreams, and love advice.

On his blog, you’ll find everything from programs, books, retreats, and videos. You might enjoy this post on “When You Should Stop Giving So Much to a Relationship”.

What we love about this site:

Mathew is a true dating expert who inspires women with his honest approach to dating and love. His blogs are revealing and he also holds live seminars and speeches.

43) Love and Life Toolbox

Founder of Love and Life Toolbox, Lisa Brookes Kift shares insider tips on attracting and maintaining love. Healthy relationships are her passion and she’s on a mission to share her advice with the world.

Guiding you with emotional health and relationship education, her posts and courses will give you the tools to find true love and intimacy. Check out this article on “Roadblocks to Forgiveness in Relationships”.

What we love about this site:

Lisa has cleverly combined emotional health and relationships to help you rebuild the relationship you have with yourself as well as with others.

44) Alicia H. Clarke Psychology

Anxiety can be crippling and we all go through it in various degrees.

Psychologist Alicia has dedicated her practice to helping people work through their anxiety in all areas of life.

Her relationship blog, therefore, focuses on dealing with anxiety in love, how it can strain relationships, and what you can do to overcome it. You might like this article on “5 Relationship Anxiety Symptoms You Do Not Want To Ignore”.

What we love about this site:

Alicia gets to the heart of anxiety and lends a comforting hand to guide you through your issues. Her relationship advice is informative yet light and easy to read.

45) Hackspirit

Founder Lachlan Brown has combined his passion for psychology with a realistic, mindful approach when it comes to relationships. He knows it takes more than just “positive thinking” to create meaningful connections and his articles offer no BS guides to cultivating true love.

Take this article on “The Top 21 Things Men Desperately Want in a Relationship” where Lachlan covers everything a girl needs to know. Readers can learn about relationships, love, and breakups, all in one place.

What we love about this site:

Each article covers the issue in full. They’re comprehensive, detailed, and engaging to read with the psychology behind it explained  — exactly what you need when it comes to understanding relationships!

46) Hilary Silver

Relationship, love, and intimacy coach Hilary Silver shares her expert tips on everything to do with achieving relationship success. She’s created a 5-step masterclass to help people find true love and create healthy relationships.

You’ll find a range of topics covered in her blog, like this great read on “Non-Committal Relationships Cause Pain and Heartache”, as well as her Extraordinary Women Rising Journal course.

What we love about this site:

Hilary knows what it takes to achieve success in both love and other areas of life. Her tips are geared towards helping you reach your goals and dreams.

47) Katarina Phang

Also known as the “man whisperer”, Katarina understands how men work and she wants to share her knowledge with other women. Her ultimate goal is to help women form long-lasting, loving relationships.

Her blog includes useful articles like this one on “How to Handle Your Triggers and Increase Your Emotional Literacy” as well as posts on general dating and relationships.

Katarina also offers ebooks, coaching, and a forum for women to share their experiences and support each other.

What we love about this site:

Katarina is thorough — her blog takes you from first dates to breakups and she offers great advice every step of the way.

48) The Gottman Institute

The Gottman Institute is a space where everything related to relationships is covered — there are webinars, quizzes, therapists, events, and workshops all geared at helping you create healthy, happy relationships.

They tackle issues that affect all of us, such as “Couples and Shared Trauma: Healing Together” and posts on how to revive a stale, stuck-in-a-rut relationship.

What we love about this site:

The research section for couples is a fantastic way to get the low down on the facts behind love, marriage, divorce, and everything in between.

49) Orly Katz 

Relationship counselor Orly works with individuals and couples to help them overcome their barriers and find true love and commitment. You can find counseling, resources, and a forum to join.

Her articles focus on everyday issues that couples face, like this post on “Stepping into Commitment”, and she gives clear examples of situations followed by how to maturely handle them to strengthen your relationship.

What we love about this site:

Orly is to the point, making her articles engaging and informative. She also includes several videos to break up the blog.

50) The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love

Robert Manni, radio host and author of The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love brings you the lowdown on how men think and feel in relationships.

Dubbed as the sequel to “Sex and the City”, Manni covers love, sex, getting out of the friend zone, and more.

As well as his honest articles on the male psyche, he creates engaging videos and holds events through his radio show. If you want to understand men better, you might enjoy this article on “5 Ways Women Sabotage Themselves With Men”.

What we love about this site:

Manni bridges the gap between men and women by revealing exactly what men want in relationships — it’s the guide women (and men) have been missing!

51) Friday We’re in Love

The ultimate blog for date night ideas. Founders Camille and Jacob vowed at the start of their marriage to enjoy a date night together at least once a week.

As a result, they’ve amassed hundreds (literally) of ideas for you — like this post on “101 date ideas”.

And it doesn’t stop with dates and gift ideas, they’ve also got plenty of advice on marriage, parenthood, and relationships.

What we love about this site:

As well as some brilliant ideas, Camille and Jacob radiate positivity throughout the blog. It’s great that they’ve tried out so many date night ideas to give you the best tips.

52) The Brunette Diaries

Every topic under the sun that women might be interested in is covered in The Brunette Diaries (and don’t worry, it’s suitable for blondes and redheads too!). There’s also a “guys only” section for men who want expert relationship advice.

The blog covers issues around heartbreak, finding love, dating in the modern age, and even the impact social media has had on our love lives. This is a must-read — “How To Mend A Broken Relationship”.

What we love about this site:

The Brunette Diaries combines popular culture with modern relationship advice. Their posts are short, sweet, and engaging!

53) Ideapod

Ideapod is ideal for anyone who wants to break the mold and live on their terms — from relationships to building personal power, they’ve got it all.

Justin Brown, the founder, is passionate about helping people reconnect with their true selves, and by doing so, they can build authentic, meaningful relationships.

Paired with world-renowned Shaman, Rudá Iandê, they’ve created a unique space to share ideas and advice for all. This article on “How To Rebuild Trust In a Relationship” is just one of many that will inspire you to reclaim your love life.

What we love about this site:

In addition to the amazing scope of articles, there are workshops and (free) masterclasses, all aimed at helping you create the relationship you deserve.

54) Lets Millo Relationships

Now, if you’re searching for epic lists like “550+ Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend”, Lets Millo is your place to go. They cover a range of relationship issues, from dating to marriage and even coping with breakups.

A mix of personal stories and advice posts, they offer tips for both men and women who are struggling in their relationships, and for those who just want a fun read or date night tips.

What we love about this site:

Most of their posts are geared at giving you lots of options when it comes to dating and relationships, making the site accessible for all no matter where they are on their love journey.

55) Wings in Relationships

With a background in psychology, blog owner Crystal and her husband Jack, hope to inspire others when it comes to creating healthy relationships. They cover topics such as communication, relationship goals, and pandemic dating advice.

Check out this interesting post, a subject detrimental to the failure of marriages and relationships, yet isn’t often addressed: “The Importance of Financial Unification in your Relationship”.

What we love about this site:

Crystal and Jack have combined their expertise and life experience with thoughtful posts that’ll suit any couple looking to improve their relationship.

56) Break the Cycle

Abuse in any form shouldn’t be tolerated and Break the Cycle is an organization that’ll help you recognize toxic, abusive behavior in relationships.

Most importantly, they’ll help you out of those situations.

As well as data on abuse and brilliant practical tips and advice, Break the Cycle hopes to educate people on what a healthy relationship should be like. They’ve got a range of posts, covering important topics like “Warning Signs Spotlight: Pressuring For Sex”.

What we love about this site:

The team at Break the Cycle understands what it takes to remove yourself from an abusive relationship, and their advice is practical and clear.

57) Relate

Relate is an organization that specializes in promoting healthy relationships across the board. They offer counseling, relationship advice, and information on their current campaigns.

Whether you want to get up to date on relationship data during the pandemic or read up on topics like “Exploring Love Languages”, there’s something for everyone on this blog, with an emphasis on helping people who struggle to form secure relationships.

What we love about this site:

There’s a great self-help section where you can take part in workshops, chat with an advisor, seek relationship counseling, or dive into one of their recommended books.

58) Relationship Seeds

Relationship Seeds is a site dedicated to improving relationships. They’ve covered topics such as dating, marriage, parenting, and sex education to give a rounded view of what makes a healthy and happy relationship.

Whether you want to know “How to Fall in Love With Yourself”, or why people cheat even when they’re happy, you can find it all here.

What we love about this site:

As well as their informative articles, there’s even a section on “text messages” where you can get inspiration on texting the right message to your partner – talk about keeping up with the times!

59) Ask Vicki

For a different approach to finding balance in your relationships, this blog by Dr. Vicki Matthews can help.

Incorporating the five elements, Vicki aims to help couples and individuals deal with imbalances and explains how the elements can influence our relationships.

This alternative approach can help those who haven’t found answers in traditional relationship therapy, and some of the posts have a Q&A style so you can learn from other people’s experiences, like in this post on “He Cheated, But I Want Our Marriage To Work”.

What we love about this site:

Ask Vicki gives a different view when it comes to love and relationships – perhaps the elements truly are the cause of our imbalanced relationships and lifestyles.

60) Modern Love Long Distance

The great thing about technology is that it allows us to have better, long-distance relationships. But that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing, and as the founders Lisa and Mike found out, it takes commitment and patience.

Nine years later they’re married with kids, and they want to help other couples deal with long-distance loneliness. Their blog offers advice, quotes, gift ideas and activities to get stuck into.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship you might enjoy this post on “7 Smart Strategies For Keeping Your LDR Strong During This Pandemic”.

What we love about this site:

Lisa and Mike are prime examples of how to make long-distance relationships work and they don’t hold back from confronting real issues that couples face.

61) Relationship Hero

The team of expert coaches at Relationship Hero is here to guide you through the ups and downs that come with love.

From first dates to first fights, Relationship Hero has got you covered. A must-read is this post on “Why Dating Is So Hard – And How This Method Makes It Easier”. As well as the blog, you’ll have access to relationship coaches and masterclass.

What we love about this site:

There’s an incredible wealth of expert knowledge and the site is engaging, fun, but most importantly it provides excellent love advice.

62) Mark Manson

Mark Manson is the go-to place for no BS life advice, but he also offers some great relationship tips too. Mark shares his ideas backed with evidence-based experience, and plenty of psychology and therapeutic techniques.

His articles on relationships center on giving you a clear, honest picture – no fluff, no cute hearts or cupids flying around. Take this article for example, “When to Break Up With Someone and When to Stick it Out”.

What we love about this site:

Mark is to the point and he’s not afraid to say the truth, no matter how brutal it is. He also covers interesting topics like how to deal with conflict and infidelity.

63) Dr. Jenn’s Den

Author, speaker, and sociologist Jennifer Gunsaullus helps couples work through sex, emotions, betrayal, and more. Her goal is to bring people together in healthy unions through exploring sexuality and common relationship issues.

Her blog has everything you need to know about sex, female empowerment, health, and mindfulness in relationships. You’ll enjoy this podcast on “Break Through Your Sexual Blocks”.

What we love about this site:

Jenn is the ultimate “sexpert” — she shares her knowledge of sex and love through videos, tips, articles, podcasts, and courses.

64) Susan and Otto Collins

Certified transformational coaches Susan and Otto believe the key to long-lasting love (like theirs, of 20 years) is to focus on removing the “stress” from a relationship.

They implement a 4-step method to help people overcome conflict and challenges, with coaching, programs, a podcast, and their blog. For a great read, check out this post on how “Limiting Beliefs That Hold Us Back From Love”.

What we love about this site:

Susan and Otto are a down-to-earth, normal couple who share their vast knowledge on relationships through relatable articles and podcasts.

65) Be Your Own Brand of Sexy

Dr. Susan Edelman has spent 35 years practicing psychiatry, and as a result of working with numerous clients, mainly women, she’s noticed an area of concern — confidence. This led her to create the Be Your Own Brand of Sexy blog, alongside two books.

From engaging articles like “5 Dating Beliefs Confident Women Have” to quizzes and coaching options, you can learn to harness your confidence and attract love.

What we love about this site:

Dr. Susan is passionate about women empowering each other, and her blogs inspire motivation and growth. She recognizes that happy relationships start with a happy individual!

66) Luvze

The team at Luvza are experts in the field of relationship science. They understand how psychology, sociology, and communication all play an important role in forming healthy relationships.

Their advice is broken into different sections: Relationships & Pop Culture, Relationships & The Media, and even an infographics area to see the stats, like in this post on “Why Do People Swipe Right (Or Left) On Tinder”.

What we love about this site:

The articles clearly explain the science behind dating, love, and relationships using concrete evidence and research. This gives the site a lot of credibilities.

67) Relationship Transformation and Development

The team at RD&T is committed to guiding people through the trials and tribulations of relationships. Their advice is hearty and gets straight to the root of the problem.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new partner, or you want to improve your current relationship, they’ve made it easy to navigate their site and find what you need.

You will need to sign up (for free) to view posts in full, but it’s worth it when you get access to articles like this one — “The First Relationship Disaster”.

What we love about this site:

The articles are informative and relevant for any stage of your relationship, and there’s a great mix of expert advice and real-life love stories to back them up!

68) Love in 90 Days

For solid dating and relationship advice, Dr. Diana Kirschner’s blog is worth exploring. She’s a psychologist, author, and love expert who is there to help coach you in the art of relationships.

Not only does she write about how to build healthy relationships, like this one on “Assertive Communication”, but she also offers a free masterclass on finding the love you want and deserve.

What we love about this site:

It’s great to see all the successful couples Diana has helped with her expert guidance, and the addition of a free masterclass is always a bonus!

69) Moments With Jenny

Relationship coach Jenny Dagi hopes to inspire her readers to tackle the relationship issues they face, especially when it comes to intimacy and communication.

Over the last nine years, Jenny has helped numerous couples get their relationship back on track with her practical posts like “9 Bonding Activities For Couples To Do Together”.

What we love about this site:

Jenny combines self-help with relationship tips and advice. Her articles come from a place of love and experience and her honesty makes her writing completely relatable.

70) Big Matrimonial

Big Matrimonial is home to every relationship-related topic you can think of – love letters, relationship warning signs, marriage, and more.

There’s even couples therapy with articles such as “Traps That Successful Couples Avoid”, aimed at helping you strengthen your relationship.

What we love about this site:

Big Matrimonial covers both aspects of relationships, the good and the bad. Their articles are quick and easy to read, perfect if you need some relationship inspiration.

71) Two Drifters

Two Drifters is founded by couple Amy and Nathan – they’re on a mission to spread love and adventure after meeting whilst traveling. Their site has been going strong since 2012 and is the ideal place to find inspiring relationship advice.

Articles like “10 Relationship Rituals That Will Help Your Love Grow Stronger” provide plentiful ideas and tips on how to strengthen the connection you share with your partner.

What we love about this site:

Amy and Nathan are enthusiastic and it shows — they mix optimism and adventure with a realistic overview of how and why relationships fail (and what you can do to succeed).

72) The Art of Love Podcast

When it comes to love, podcast creator Lucia is no novice. Her podcast ranks highly and her relationship expertise has been sought out on shows like Dr. Phil and The Tyra Banks Show.

Her podcast is based on getting your ex back using her no-contact rules – they’re engaging and Lucia explains what to do each step of the way. Check out this podcast on “9 Reasons Why Your Ex Broke Up With You”.

What we love about this site:

Podcasts are easy to listen to wherever you are and they’re equally as engaging as reading an article. Lucia explains her breakup strategy over a series of podcasts making it easy to follow.

73) Kate L Lindley

Kate has been through it all – the failure of her marriage prompted her to seek answers and find out what she’s doing wrong in relationships. This led to her creation of the blog, which hopes to help others as they embark on new relationships.

Articles like “Are You A Repeater Of Wrong Love Choices?” will gently open your eyes to the mistakes you’ve been making on your love journey.

Coupled with Kate’s compassion and genuine love for love, her blog will help create a healthy mindset towards relationships.

What we love about this site:

Kate took her pain and turned it into power, and now she’s spreading that energy with her readers. Not only are her articles informative, but they’re also short, sweet, and to the point.

74) Relationship Guide Review

Life coach Baron Anderson has created the ultimate blog centered around relationships. Here you can find everything about love, marriage, and even counseling for a failing relationship.

The topics are relevant and are about real issues, like this article on “6 Ways in Navigating the Power Struggle in Your Relationship”.

What we love about this site:

Baron wants to help those searching for love, but also guide couples on how to maintain love once they’ve found it. From start to finish, there’s relationship advice here for everyone.

75) Self Care Every Damn Day

Blog creator Stephanie offers unfiltered relationships and self-care advice based upon her own experiences. She believes looking after yourself first will help you cultivate happy, successful relationships.

Her blog is full of interesting articles – from sex tips to frequently asked questions like “What Is Emotional Cheating?”

What we love about this site:

Stephanie co-creates with her audience and collects data on taboo relationship topics and challenges. She does this to better understand our partner’s perspectives while developing a greater sense of self-awareness and self-worth within ourselves.


76) The Modern Mr. and Mrs.

Any married couple will tell you what a rollercoaster marriage is – the highs and lows are what makes this great commitment worth taking.

The Modern Mr. and Mrs. hope to tackle the lows, from addictions to betrayal, and intimacy issues, so you can build a strong partnership. Check out this article “The Silent and Invisible Marriage Killer: Intimacy Anorexia”.

Their certified recovery and life coaches offer advice, coaching services, and programs for individuals and couples to take part in.

What we love about this site:

The success stories are enough to give anyone a boost of fresh motivation to make their marriage work – paired with the advice given, it’s the perfect combination.


From engagements to divorce and everything in between, has it covered. Expert tips will help you deal with every aspect of marriage – sex, love, communication, and even how to deal with betrayal.

Comprehensive articles like “15 Key Secrets to a Successful Marriage” will give you plenty of food for thought. The blog also offers resources and courses on marriage.

What we love about this site:

You can read top tips for any marriage-related issue, and even advice on issues you weren’t aware of (but that are probably affecting your relationship).

78) Marriage 365

Created by couple Casey and Meygan, Marriage 365 is an interactive space for couples to improve their relationship and avoid becoming part of the divorce statistics.

The blog contains some great posts, such as this one on “Phrases to Never, Ever Say to Your Spouse!”. Also, there are plenty of resources, courses and workshops, books and even a couples retreat to check out.

What we love about this site:

The founders themselves were close to divorce, but through sheer determination they made their marriage work – and now, they want to share those secrets with you.

79) The Relationship Guy

Although relationship coach Gideon covers everything to do with relationships, his main focus is on helping married couples revive their marriage and reconnect with each other.

His blog consists of podcasts, ebooks, and fantastic blog posts like this one on “3 Specific Truths No Couple Can Escape”. Gideon backs his articles with his experience in coaching and counselling, often using real couples as examples.

What we love about this site:

Gideon is honest – if you’re not willing to work on your marriage, there’s little he or anyone else can do to help. If you are, he’s got the answers to help your marriage thrive.

80) A Prioritized Marriage

Amberly, the creator of A Prioritized Marriage, combines her experience in family studies alongside real-life marriage advice taken from her relationship.

She believes that marriage should be a priority at any stage, and by making it one, you can continue to build on that strong foundation of love, like in this blog on how to “Indirectly Strengthen Your Marriage”.

What we love about this site:

From advice to recommendations, Amberly has created a space where you can help your marriage reach its full potential.

81) Your Exceptional Relationship

Founders Jáchym Jerie and Natasha Koo help wives who want a drama-free, love-filled marriage using their “Exceptional Relationship Formula”. They have some great articles, such as “What Do You Do When Your Husband Won’t Communicate”.

In addition to these relatable articles, there are several free resources. Get date night inspiration, quizzes to determine how toxic your relationship is, and the Irresistible Wife Blueprint that draws your husband naturally back to you.

What we love about this site:

For wives on the move, don’t forget to check out the Awakened Wife Podcast – easy to listen to marriage advice whether you’re driving to work or jogging in the park!

82) Sexy Marriage

Family therapist and licensed counselor Dr. Corey Allan is on a mission to help couples revive their marriage. He aims to inspire people to keep relationships simple, passionate, and spiritually deep.

On his site, you’ll find podcasts, more information about working directly with Dr. Allan, as well as a heap of interesting articles to pour through. We particularly enjoyed this one on “Ultimatums in Married Life”.

What we love about this site:

Dr. Allan gives humble yet honest advice on how to bring about passion into marriages. He covers topics from sex to betrayal with his wealth of knowledge.

83) Marriage More

Founded by the Roses, Jeff, and Mandy, this blog is all about helping couples take their marriage to the next level. Through their own experiences, they learned to purposefully engage in their relationship and make it the best it could be.

Now they want to share that advice with you. Their site contains excellent posts, and one we particularly enjoyed was this article on “Giving Your Spouse The Gift Of Meaningful Words”.

What we love about this site:

As well as their articles, Jess and Many also have a podcast and a free Facebook group for members to join and discuss marriage ideas and support one another.

LGBT Relationship Blogs

84) Gays With Kids

This blog, set up by Brian and his husband Ferd, is the ultimate guide for gay, bi, and trans dads considering parenthood, and for those who’ve already started the journey. They noticed a lack of information online, so they decided to do something about it.

Not only does GWK guide you through fatherhood, but they also offer amazing first-hand tips on LGBT weddings, holidays, and even finances.

If you’re entering fatherhood, check out this post about “One Gay Dad’s Top Three Tips For New Parents”.

What we love about this site:

It’s full of personal experiences and friendly insights to help couples wherever they are on their parenthood journey!

85) AutoStraddle

Created in 2009 by a group of friends, AutoStraddle is for lesbians and queer people who want to know anything and everything about relationships. From jazzing up your sex life to articles on how to be gay, they’ve got you covered with articles and personal stories alike.

As well as great articles like “How to Go on a First Date That Doesn’t Suck”, there’s also a community section where you can get advice on various subjects; relationships, breakups, coming out, and even covid anxiety.

What we love about this site:

There are so many great topics to read and they don’t mess about – you get the truth whether you want it or not.

86) Equally Wed

The ultimate blog for LGBT+ weddings, Equally Wed will guide you through the proposal, wedding, and honeymoon with their lighthearted yet informative articles. Need ring inspiration? Check out this “Same-sex Wedding Rings Buying Guide” to help you out.

As well as real stories of love-filled same-sex weddings around the world, they also have a comprehensive register of vendors, all vetted and recommended for the LGBT+ community.

What we love about this site:

You can find everything you need, all in one place. It’s a clear and easy guide that will have your back no matter what stage your wedding is at.

87) Little Gay Book

Founder and matchmaker Frankie Bashan holds nothing back in this down-to-earth blog for the lesbians and bisexuals looking for love.

But her site isn’t just about matchmaking, she also covers a great variety of topics in her blog. You might enjoy reading this post on “Two Lesbian Dating Secrets I’ve Learnt From Matchmaking”.

What we love about this site:

From excellent articles to her speed dating service, Frankie has created a great space to learn more about relationships and how to build long-lasting connections.

Break-ups and New Beginnings

88) Simply Solo

As difficult as breakups are, they’re the start of a new chapter in life, and blogger Catherine decided to share her journey when she created Simply Solo and her breakup survival guide.

She’s rediscovered her thirst for life as a singleton and wants to share advice for others going through heartbreak, with articles such as this “Breakup Survival Guide” to help you move on with your life.

What we love about this site:

Catherine has also openly documented her love-life — she started her blog after canceling a wedding and starting over as a single girl — to give hope and encouragement to others. Along the way she’s built a close relationship with her followers which gives the blog a cozy community feel.

89) Nancy Ruth Deen

Professional matchmaker turned breakup coach Nancy Deen has created the ultimate breakup blog – from inspiring videos, coaching, free courses, and meditations, all areas of heartbreak and healing are covered.

Nancy used a spiritual approach during her breakup – it helped her realign negative beliefs, heal her heart and find love again and this is what she hopes to share with you.

If you’ve recently gone through a breakup, you might like this article on “21 Ways to Get Over Your Ex in 2021”.

What we love about this site:

Nancy has also created a Conscious Breakup Collective Facebook group for readers to reach out, support each other and share tips and stories.

90) Breakup-Help

Breakup-Help was created by psychologist Shanice Goodhew to help those recently separated or divorced.

Combining real-life experience with her research in human attachment, she’s created a simple step-by-step process to heal using her help.

Alongside her coaching tools and sessions, she also blogs on how to move on and regain your confidence, with articles like “Getting Over A Breakup”.

What we love about this site:

The blog is simple, easy to navigate and Shanice provides some great advice on rebuilding your life after the devastation of a breakup.

91) Resilient Rebound

Resilient Rebound is for women who have been through abuse, tough breakups, and heartbreak, and who need a little self-love and self-care. Ann, the creator, has thoughtfully created two communities: the Moving On Group, and the Resiliency Circle.

Encouraging women to support and uplift each other following her courses, Ann has created the perfect space to let out your pain and then pick yourself back up. And on the subject of feeling better, you might like this article on “Love You, Love Your Body”.

What we love about this site:

Ann hasn’t just created a great blog, she’s created a network of women who have shared experiences and can help each other through the post-breakup fog with her guidance.

92) The Breakup Blog

Navigate the scary world of being newly single alongside blog founder, Kellie Wagner. She shares parts of her breakup and new beginnings, with the community free to ask questions on her blog.

So, whilst you nurse your own broken heart, you might take comfort in reading other’s stories and Kellie’s thoughtful advice to help you through this difficult period.

What we love about this site:

It’s great to see how interactive Kellie is with her readers. It’s a platform for people to share experiences and support each other in moving on.

Religious Relationship Blogs

93) iBelieve Relationships

iBelieve Relationship blog centers around Christian women who want to balance their faith alongside the tricky world of dating and relationships. With several Christian female bloggers, readers can enjoy articles on love, heartbreak, faith, and lifestyle.

They tackle tough issues such as “5 Common Roots of Jealousy” as well as how to cultivate healthy, genuine relationships.

Using a combination of Biblical teachings and expert advice, they’ve created a unique space for Christian women to use as they navigate through love and faith.

What we love about this site:

iBelieve covers everything you need to know about love, relationships, and breakups whilst seamlessly incorporating prayer and faith into the mix.

94) BeyondChai

BeyondChai is a Muslim relationship site that offers expert relationship advice as well as a unique matchmaking service for the US and Canada.

Consisting of consultants, coaches, matchmakers, and counselors, they’ve got a great team all focussed on helping Muslims find love (and tips on what to do once they’ve found it).

Whether you want to know “How to Deal with Differences in Your Marriage” or general advice on choosing the right life partner, the BeyondChai blog is a great place to start.

What we love about this site:

As well as a video corner, there’s plenty of heartwarming success stories to read through too. The blog covers many relationship topics and whilst the service may be limited to two countries, the advice is universal.

95) Boundless

Combining biblical wisdom with current, up-to-date relationship advice, the team at Boundless has put together a blog for young Christians on the search for love.

They hope to help people date with purpose and create beautiful unions, and they offer advice in the form of a relationship blog, podcast, and faith teachings. You might enjoy this article on “7 Qualities to Look for in a Spouse”.

What we love about this site:

The site also provides a rounded view of sex and intimacy, setting young people up for healthy, happy relationships.

96) Christian Connection

Christian Connection stays true to its name – it’s an interactive site where you can meet other like-minded Christians searching for love. And if you’re just there for some top dating tips, there’s plenty of that too, just click on the “blog” section at the top.

You’ll find engaging articles like this one on “How to write great messages“, as well as expert advice on how and where to find love.

What we love about this site:

The blog posts target any age and any relationship stage. Whether you’re new to the dating scene or you’ve been married 25 years, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

97) The Muslim Vibe

The Muslim Vibe is a site for young and old Muslims to learn more about marriage, overcome barriers in love and build successful relationships.

As well as covering popular issues in love, they also guide their readers on how to deal with abuse in relationships, with articles like “5 Ways To Tackle Possessiveness in Relationships”.

What we love about this site:

The subjects are varied, and they give a great overview of what a healthy marriage should be. Their advice is current, practical, and easy to apply to real-life relationships.

98) Fierce Marriage

Ryan and Selena know what it takes to make a marriage work – they’ve been married for more than 10 years and they’re here to help you get through the ups and downs of your relationship using Christ and biblical teachings as a guide forward.

You’ll find books, podcasts, resources, and articles as well as online lessons to help improve your marriage. A must-read post is this article on “Bringing Husbands Back To Life”.

What we love about this site:

Ryan and Selena are dedicated to their faith as much as they are to their marriage. Their commitment to helping others is inspiring and their site has plenty of useful information.

99) Refine Us

Justin And Trish have combined their marriage blog with their ministry, to combine God and Love in the same place. They offer practical marriage tips based on biblical teachings and their own experiences.

Their blog covers topics like lifestyle, relationships, social pressures, and more. An interesting read is this article on “10 Signs Your Marriage Is Drifting”.

What we love about this site:

Trish and Justin also coach couples, have written a book, and include plenty of resources for couples to benefit from on their site.

100) Gary Thomas

International speaker and author Gary Thomas believes that being closer to Christ will help with being closer to others. He aims to help couples with intimacy, commitment, and communication in their relationships.

On his site, you’ll find blogs about connecting with Christ, and connecting with others. One such article that addresses a common issue in relationships is this post on “Artificial Intimacy” which is well worth a read.

What we love about this site:

Gary has a great following with lots of interaction on his posts. It’s a community to join for Christians who need everyday guidance in their relationships.

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