11 spiritual signs that someone is missing you

Are you missing someone terribly right now?

The feeling of longing can be so intense that it’s often felt by both the person being missed and the one missing them.

But how can you really know if someone is missing you?

What are the spiritual signs to look out for?

That’s exactly what I’ll help you with. Once you learn about the major spiritual signs to watch out for, you’ll be able to notice signs immediately and even facilitate your spiritual reconnection with that person.

11 spiritual signs someone is missing you

1) The special person shows up in your dreams

Dreams carry a lot of information and power.

It has even been shown, with more than anecdotal evidence, that strangers can share the exact same dream.

There are common symbols and themes that appear in dreams again and again.

For instance, the “teeth falling out” dream concept is something shared between multiple cultures and across generations. It can come to mean that a great change is happening in someone’s life.

Scientists are still unsure why people have the same types of dreams across cultures and around the globe.

Dreams have always been a mystical source for guidance, illumination, and clarity.

Dreams are a window into our subconscious.

They can help to connect us with our true selves, and, in turn, with one another.

Dreams are important.

When I start dreaming about someone frequently, I know that it’s a signal for a connection, or that one is coming soon.

So if someone you haven’t seen in a while starts appearing in your dreams, it’s a big message that they are thinking of you and missing you.

2) You’re suddenly moody

If you find that your mode suddenly shifts and switches, this is a big sign that someone is actively thinking about you and missing you.

When you’re on someone’s mind you might feel that your mood quickly shifts and changes for no apparent reason.

Everything was great, then suddenly you find yourself in a deep funk. You might start to feel melancholy and down, and wonder what on earth happened for you to feel like this?

Now, I will admit that I’m a pretty moody person. It doesn’t take much to send me into a negative or sad mood. Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense and catches me off guard.

However, that’s not the kind of mood swing I’m talking about here. The kind of mood swing I’m referring to is one that feels like it comes from outside of yourself.

This often happens when someone is missing you a lot. They’re having intense thoughts and feelings about you. The sudden transformation in your emotions comes from something outside of your everyday experience.

When you feel overtaken like this, it’s a good time to be aware of what’s going on around you, because you might find other signs to help point the way. You might find some clues as to what comes next.

It’s possible that you might run into the very person who has been missing you and sooner than you think.

They might soon send you a text, or an email, or appear in your life in a random way.

Then you’ll understand why you were so oddly moody.

3) A highly intuitive advisor confirms it

The signs I’m revealing in this article will give you a good idea about when and why someone is missing you.

But could you get even more clarity by speaking to a gifted advisor?

Clearly, you have to find someone you can trust. With so many fake experts out there, it’s important to have a pretty good BS detector.

After going through a messy break up, I recently tried Psychic Source. They provided me with the guidance I needed in life, including who I am meant to be with.

I was actually blown away by how kind, caring, and genuinely helpful they were.

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A gifted advisor can not only tell you whether someone is actually missing you, but they can also reveal all your love possibilities.

4) Finding a white feather

If someone is missing you, you might find other signs from the universe that are a little unusal. For example, finding a white feather is a big sign that someone is missing you or thinking about you.

What does that mean?

Often a white feather is a sign from the universe that someone is thinking about you.

If you see one, also pay attention to your surroundings when you find the white feather.

Is the place somewhere familiar? Does it have importance or trigger certain feelings or memories?

What was on your mind when you found the white feather?

You might have also been thinking about the person missing you when you found a feather.

I know that the times I’ve found a white feather, I’ve known it was a sign because it was while I was thinking about someone intently and dearly.

So keep a sharp eye out for this serendipitous sign, it might just be that someone is thinking about you and missing you.

YouTube video

5) Inexplicable goosebumps

When the goosebumps rise up on your skin and it’s nowhere near cold out, it could be a big sign that someone is missing you.

If you are on someone’s mind, you might feel certain sensations in a very specific and physical way.

Any number of things can give you goosebumps, that’s just the fact of the matter. It could be anything from a slight breeze to an epiphany, a beautiful song that rushes through your body.

Our body reacts to different environmental stimuli even when we don’t realize it.

Here’s the thing:

While there are countless things that cause goosebumps, scientists aren’t entirely sure why they happen.

The inexplicable rush of sensation through your skin is often a reaction to something just beyond our senses.

When “the hair stands up on the back of your neck,” it’s the same reaction as when you’re cold. Our body is sensing something we aren’t paying attention to.

It might just be a sign that someone is thinking about you.

This actually happens to me often; I’ve found that when I pay attention to it and try to figure out why it’s happening, I can actually have more clarity.

6) Accidentally using their name

I tend to mix up people’s names fairly regularly. For whatever reason, I can’t always seem to find the right one first. It happens to the best of us.

However, this experience is quite different when someone is missing you.

How so?

Well, it’s going to seem strange when you accidentally use this person’s name in your day-to-day life.

You. might find yourself slipping up and using their name in the wrong contexts. Or calling someone else by their name.

Why on earth would you use that person’s name, of all people?

Because they’re missing you.

It’s especially important to note when and how you slip up.

For example, if you use the wrong name with someone you talk to every day, someone you’re really close to (for instance a relative), it’s an even stronger sign that someone is missing you.

If you slip up more than once, it’s a big heads-up. Using the same name in different contexts, both times wrong can be a clear sign from the universe that the person’s name you’re using is thinking about you and missing you.

It can also be a sign that it’s time to reconnect with that person.

Have you been missing them also?

Is this a person that you shared an incredibly deep connection with but have drifted away from?

This can raise a more important question to explore:

Why does love so often start out great, only to become a nightmare?

And what’s the solution to dealing with our feelings of longing, regret and missing someone in our lives?

The answer is contained in the relationship you have with yourself. I learnt about this from the renowned shaman Rudá Iandê.

As Rudá explains in this mind-blowing free video, love is not what many of us think it is. In fact, many of us are actually self-sabotaging our love lives without realizing it!

If you feel like you are missing someone or someone is missing you, it might be a sign to look deeper within yourself and get to know yourself more.

It’s important to face the facts about missing someone we aren’t in a relationship with anymore.

Have you gone deeper into this kind of personal inquiry?

What does it mean for you to be in a relationship in the first place?

A great place to start this line of questioning is through Rudá’s video on the three most important elements of healthy relationships.

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7) Synchronistic encounters

Synchronistic encounters are funny things. Little anomalies that can seem very strange and yet feel very right.

Have you ever experienced a synchronistic encounter?

For example, you’re thinking about someone and they suddenly call you at the same time.

Or you’re talking about someone and the next thing you know they appear in front of you as if they heard you from a million miles away.

It can feel like you summoned them just by thinking or talking about them.

These are just a few examples of synchronistic encounters. The circumstances and particulars change around a lot depending on the people and the scenario.

These kinds of encounters that feel like serendipity tend to go both ways, too. For instance, you could be missing someone, and then suddenly run into them, like you “manifested” them into your life.

The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes a synchronistic encounter is the strongest sign you’ll ever see to tell you that someone has had you on their mind a great deal.

8) Fortune cookies or small messages

It’s often the most random moments of chance in our life that can give us the most insight.

It might be something that you read or a phrase that you come across that makes you feel like you are on the right path.

Let me use a fortune cookie as an example:

These little cookies have aphorisms written on little pieces of paper hidden inside of them. They are printed, selected, and packaged at random. There’s no inherent meaning in any of that for you specifically.

Yet, some of the most useful advice I’ve ever found in my day-to-day life has come from the readings in fortune cookies.

They’ve provided valuable insight, thoughtful messages, and have helped me to clarify my thoughts.

So if your fortune cookie, a t-shirt print, or a message printed on a teabag, reminds you of someone or inspires you to reconnect with someone, it could be a sign from the universe that they’re missing you, and that maybe it’s time to reconnect.


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9) Repeating numbers

In a similar way, repeating numbers can give you a lot of insight into whether or not someone is thinking about and missing you.

Here’s a great article talking about the power of seeing triple numbers in your life and what the different sets of numbers mean.

If you’re seeing a lot of repeating numbers in your life, it’s often the universe giving you a sign. It’s taking something that is usually random and noticing that a pattern is emerging that you should take notice of.

Do some personal research on the meaning behind the repeating numbers you see, and you might just find that it has to do with someone missing you.

10) Connection through a stranger

Everything in the universe is linked and connected through some form of channel.

These cause-and-effect relationships bring us all together. It’s one of the chief reasons why we’re able to tell when someone is missing us. Or when someone can tell we’re missing them.

Like one big tapestry or spider web, everything is interconnected. So when one end of the string vibrates, the other end can feel it, too.

A way the universe likes to bring people together is to connect them through a stranger, the same stranger.

As an example, I’ll use the experience of Francesca C. Simon, who relates a story regarding a physical therapist. After having been in an accident, she visited a new masseuse to help her pain.

Before this, she had been putting off old friends and her to-do list for far too long. As soon as she finished her massage, she messaged an old friend, who she had been missing and needed to catch up with.

After they reconnected, it became clear that they had both seen the same masseuse within a small window of time.

In that way, then, the universe brought two people together, pushing a reconnection, all with the help of a complete stranger.

There is no end to the connectivity we have with the people and things around us.

Keep a sharp eye out for signs of all kinds. You never know, before long you’ll have the clearest of signs that someone is missing you, right in front of you.

11) Out of the blue thoughts about them

If you haven’t thought about someone in months, or years, and they suddenly come to mind, take notice.

For instance, you might recall the memory of a good time that you’ve shared, think back on it fondly, only in the next moment to realize how strange it was to have had that thought.

Or a person’s name will suddenly fill your headspace. You might see their face, or something that reminds you of them, and they’ll be in your thoughts for the following days or weeks.

Much like the mood swings, it feels almost like these thoughts come from outside of yourself. Almost as if you are receiving them, instead of having them.

This could in all likelihood be because that person has been missing you lately, thinking about you, and calling out to you subconsciously. Maybe they’ve been dreaming about you.

The good news is this:

The more you think about them, the stronger of a draw you will both have towards each other. This will increase the likelihood you’ll be able to reconnect, maybe even sooner than you think.

But this begs the question,

Even if someone is missing you, are you ready to reconnect with them?

Have you considered what went wrong in the relationship?

Far too often we chase an idealized image of someone and build up expectations that are guaranteed to be let down.

Far too often we fall into codependent roles of saviour and victim to try to “fix” our partner, only to end up in a miserable, bitter routine.

Far too often, we are on shaky ground with our own selves and this carries over into toxic relationships that become hell on earth.

Rudá’s teachings showed me a whole new perspective.

While watching, I felt like someone understood my struggles to find love for the first time – and finally offered an actual, practical solution to why I miss and depend on others so much for my happiness.

If you’re done with unsatisfying dating, empty hookups, frustrating relationships and having your hopes dashed over and over, then this is a message you need to hear.

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What to do next

Deciphering whether or not someone is missing you can help you to take action.

Once you know the signs to watch out for, you can start to understand if someone wants to reconnect with you.

Remember, that thoughts become actions, so a reconnection might be here sooner than you think.

But this is also something that you can take charge of.

If you are missing someone a great deal, or they come to mind, you have a moment to reflect on how you feel and what that can mean to you. For example:

  • Do you regret something that you might have said or did that push them away?
  • Is there something in your life that you feel is missing?
  • Do you communicate your thoughts clearly, honestly and openly?
  • Are you able to connect with the people around you?
  • Do you push people away and then regret their absence?

Noticing that someone might be missing you can be a sign that you need to look more within and look at the parts of yourself that might draw those you love closer.

Whether you reconnect with the person or not, it can be a sign that you need to work on understanding yourself and how you relate to others more closely.

People rarely remember what you do or say, but they always remember how you make them feel.

How are you really treating the people around you?

More importantly, how are you treating yourself in your relationships?

Keep looking at the signs that might be appearing in your life. Take notice. People may miss us. And it might be time to reach out to understand why.

But remember to also use these as moments of personal reflection and growth.

Ask yourself: What kind of person do you want to be? What kind of person will be missed?

How to enhance your charisma

If you’re wondering whether someone is spiritually missing you, you have two choices.

On the one hand, you can wait for them to get their act together and make a move.

On the other hand, there are some things you can do right now to develop your charisma and enhance your aura.

You can become a person who is so magnetic that people just have to be around you.

How do you treat yourself? And interact with others throughout the day?

When you treat yourself well and with love and respect, it reflects in many areas of your life. And when you treat others well too, that radiates outwards to effect people around you.

The more people feel loved and understood, the more they will want to be around us. We’re not just drawing from inside of us; we’re also drawing from our environment.

With all of that said, here are three simple tips to help you build up your charisma and have more of a high-vibe every time you’re around someone:

1) Take time to listen to what people are telling you

When you take a moment to truly listen to someone, you’re showing them how much they matter. No matter what it is that they are saying, take a moment, look them in the eye, let your body and mind be fully present to them and let them share it with you.

Try not to interrupt. Let the person in front of you speak. When they pause, then take a moment to reflect and offer some words back. Offering our time and energy to someone is a powerful way to build charisma.

2) Express your excitement and gratitude for people in your life

One of the scariest things in the world is when someone doesn’t express their gratitude for you. It makes it seem as if we don’t matter enough to them.

But when we express our gratitude, it’s a way of showing love and appreciation for that person.

Now you don’t have to be overly romantic with it, and you can express it in any way that feels natural to you. But do let people know when they have touched you and what you are thankful for.

3) Try going out of your way to find great things about someone else and tell them

Notice their kindness, their strength, their beauty and the things you admire about them.

You can keep yourself inspired by looking for the good in those around you. The more you do this, the more you’ll see these people for their true value.

When you notice these good qualities within people, your own enthusiasm and positivity will come back out of you and into the world. And it will radiate back to them and make them feel as though they’re important to other people around them.

The more you build up your charisma and sense of self knowledge the more you will impress upon someone else the essence of who you are.

When you express your attention, gratitude and encouragement, the people around you will value your presence and miss you even more.

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