7 reflections to ask yourself if you crave a life filled with purpose

We all have one guarantee: life involves change and a certain amount of discomfort, depression and suffering. 

But before you get too hopeless about that, keep in mind that there’s something which makes the ups and downs of life much more tolerable and possible to survive. 

Some find it in religion…

Some find it in work…

Some find it in relationships, friendship and nature…

So what is “it”?

It’s your purpose in life…And if you want to live a purpose-driven life there’s a process of reflection that has to happen. 

Let’s dive in.

1) “What makes me tick?”

If you want a life full of purpose, it’s important to ask what makes you tick.

In other words, what motivates you the most:

Is it friendship, family, love, work, nature, music? What force in your life do you lose time of and get lost in when you start focusing on it? 

This can help you find activities and pursuits which you not only love but which also align deeply with your purpose: a calling that’s uniquely related to you and your talents and dreams. 

2) “What am I missing and most frustrated by in life?”

Next up, you should ask yourself what you’re most frustrated by in your life?

What do you feel is missing? 

This can actually be the key to finding your purpose in life and living a much more meaningful and fulfilling life

This is something that Ideapod founder Justin Brown talks about in his new, free masterclass that takes a look at a weird new way to find your purpose. 

Working with a shaman in Brazil, Justin discovered that a lot of what we’ve been taught about finding our mission in life is unhelpful and actually totally misleading. 

You don’t need to use visualization or get your vibrations higher. Instead, you should check out this counterintuitive but brilliant way to find your way in the world. 

Check out Justin’s free video here.

3) “What would it mean for me to feel truly alive right now?”

If you were to choose one change in your life that would make you feel alive, what would it be?

Was there a time in the past when you were swept up in that feeling and remember how it was?

Maybe it was on a camping trip or while visiting your grandparents in the countryside. Maybe it was at space camp or when you won the science award in high school. 

Maybe it was when you met your boyfriend or got engrossed in the ideas of a philosopher who completely changed your life. 

What exactly was that feeling? How would you describe it? What could you imagine happening in your life right now that would bring that feeling back?

What can you do right now to embody and live that feeling in your life? 

4) “Who are the people in my life who seem most fulfilled and purpose-driven?”

The people you surround yourself with most and interact with the most have a tendency of shaping who you become and what you value. 

They both reflect who you are and help guide who you will become. 

In other words, your social circle and who you associate with a lot is extremely important. 

That’s why living a more purpose-driven life means also getting closer with folks who have a very meaning-filled and fulfilling life

Find the winners, those who don’t play the victim, those who don’t give up when they get a bad break. Find them and spend time with them, absorbing their can-do energy and mindset. 

It will get you much farther than you might expect. 

5) “How can I build bridges in the world around me that will move me forward in practical ways toward a more meaningful life?”

Seeking out more win-win situations is an excellent way of moving forward towards a more meaningful life. 

When you link up with other people and build bridges with them, you start finding out that there are way more opportunities and great people around than you previously realized. It’s all about reaching out and being interested.

Some people will reciprocate your interest as friends, as partners, as business colleagues or even as strangers that you end up interacting with in empowering ways. 

Find ways to build bridges. You never know when you might need them, plus the more you practice connecting with others, the easier it gets and the more it becomes your second-nature. 

6) “What are the top three things in my control right now to make my life more meaningful?” 

It’s so easy in life to get sidetracked by many things out of our control that are upsetting and frustrating. 

This can lead to a feeling of helplessness and the sensation that life is happening to us. 

When you want to regain control and have a more meaningful life, it’s helpful to ask what three things are in your control that you can do now to move the needle. 

Maybe it’s your fitness, your relationship with your dad, your mental health or your income level and financial wellbeing. 

If there’s room to do better and it’s in your control, take steps to do so. You’ll begin feeling much more dedicated and fulfilled as you work towards improvements. 

7) “What is a decision I can make right now to head in a more meaningful direction in life?” 

What is the one biggest decision within your sphere of control that you could make right now to move in a more meaningful direction?

It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Feel free to start with a modest goal or decision. 

The crucial part is that you actually stick to it and follow through. 

Our hearts and minds respond very well to positive reinforcement. When you prove to yourself that you are capable of making a change and improving you take a massive leap forward neurochemically and psychologically. 

Your brain begins rewiring from: when does life get better to “what will I do tomorrow to hit my goal and make life better for myself and others?” 

That’s a quantum shift. 

The purpose-driven life 

The purpose-driven life is all about finding what you’re good at and love and putting it together with the special technique for finding your purpose

Your talents, your passion and the third ingredient form the recipe for living a purpose-driven life that will take you very far! 

This is something that’s really well explained in Justin Brown’s free video on the new way to find your purpose. I encourage readers to check it out if you haven’t yet.

This free masterclass personally helped me enormously in figuring out what I want to do in my life and why I’m drawn to some people and jobs and repelled by others. 

By using the technique he teaches, I was able to have so much more clarity and energy towards my goals and towards improving my performance in the world.

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