If you really want to simplify your life, do these 10 things

Life can often feel like a chaotic mess, leaving us overwhelmed and yearning for a simpler, less complicated existence.

Luckily, simplifying your life doesn’t require moving to a cabin in the woods or giving up all your worldly possessions. Instead, it’s about making small but impactful changes to your daily routines and mindset.

So if you’re ready to declutter your life, add a dash of serenity, and taste the freedom that simplicity offers, here are ten practical steps you can make right now. 

Incorporating these ten steps into your life won’t happen overnight. But with consistent effort, you’ll start to see changes. You’ll feel less stressed, more focused, and you’ll have more time and energy for the things that truly matter to you.

A simpler life is a happier life!

1. Cleaning up your space

Take a look around you. Is your space cluttered with unnecessary items? If the answer is yes, it’s time for a bit of cleaning.

You see, our surroundings often reflect our state of mind. A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind, making it hard to focus and feel calm. On the other hand, a tidy space can help us think clearer and feel more relaxed.

So, start decluttering. Get rid of things you don’t need or use. You’ll be surprised by how much stuff we keep holding onto for no reason. Sell them, donate them,  reuse them for another purpose or simply toss them out if they’re no good to anyone.

This isn’t just about physical space. It’s also about digital clutter. Clean up your email inbox, organize your files, and delete those apps you don’t use anymore.

In the end, you’ll be left with a clean, organized space that’ll make you feel lighter and more serene.

That’s one step closer to a simpler life.

2. Keeping choices simple

The next step on our simplicity journey is about making choices.

And no, we’re not saying you should limit yourself or not explore different options in life. It’s about understanding that sometimes, less is more.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the endless options in a restaurant menu that you just can’t decide what to order? Or maybe you’ve spent hours trying to pick the perfect outfit from a wardrobe bursting with clothes?

Too many choices can actually make decisions harder, not easier. It can lead to stress, anxiety, and a whole lot of wasted time.

So, to keep things simple limit your options. This could mean having a smaller wardrobe with pieces you love and can mix and match easily, or maybe sticking to a few favorite meals when cooking at home.

You might be surprised by how much easier decisions become when there’s less to choose from. And with fewer decisions to make, your mind will be clearer, and you’ll have more time for things that matter.

Simplicity isn’t about deprivation. It’s about making room for what truly brings value to your life. And that’s definitely a win!

3. Learning to say “no”

When I first embarked on my journey to a simpler life, one thing I really struggled with was saying “no”. 

But over time, I realized that in trying to please everyone, I was stretching myself too thin. I was constantly stressed, had no time for the things I loved doing and honestly, I was burned out.

So, I decided to learn to say “no”. It wasn’t easy at first. The fear of disappointing people or missing out was real. But I realized that it’s not about being selfish or rude, it’s about setting boundaries and looking after my own wellbeing.

And it was liberating! By politely declining things that didn’t align with my goals or didn’t bring me joy, I had more time and energy for things that did.

If you’re like me, struggling with saying “no”, give it a try. Start small. You don’t have to turn down every request or invitation that comes your way. Just choose what really matters to you and say “no” to the rest.

4. Going digital

Did you know that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year? That’s a whole lot of clutter (and trees)!

Luckily, we live in the digital age, where we can reduce our physical clutter (and our environmental impact) by switching to digital formats. From e-books and online newspapers to digital bills and cloud storage for documents, going digital is easy and efficient.

Not only does this reduce the physical clutter in your space, but it also makes organization a breeze. Imagine having all your important documents stored safely in one place, just a few clicks away. Or having an entire library of books on one small device.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to go completely paperless. It’s about finding a balance that works for you. But by substituting paper for pixels where possible, you can take another step towards simplifying your life.

And let’s not forget the environmental benefits. By reducing our paper use, we can save trees, conserve water and energy, and reduce pollution.

A win-win for us and the planet!

5. Setting up routines

This is something that’s close to my heart—routines. 

Life is full of uncertainties. We face unexpected challenges, changes, and surprises every single day. And while that’s a beautiful part of life, it can also be quite overwhelming. That’s where routines come in.

Routines are like anchors. They give structure to our days, providing a sense of familiarity and comfort amidst the chaos of life. They help us manage our time better, improve our productivity, and even support our mental health.

Take the morning routine, for example. Starting your day with a set of familiar tasks—be it a cup of coffee, a morning run, or just a few minutes of quiet reflection—can set the tone for the rest of the day. 

But the beauty of routines is that they’re personal. Your routine might look completely different from mine, and that’s okay. The goal is not to follow someone else’s routine; it’s to create one that works best for you.

So why not give it a try? Start small, maybe with a morning or bedtime routine. Slowly, as these tasks become a part of your daily life, you’ll begin to notice a sense of calm and control seeping in. And isn’t that what simplifying life is all about?

Remember, in this fast-paced world, routines are not a restriction but a path to freedom—the freedom to live a simpler, happier life.

6. Living in the now

I’m going to talk about something a bit more introspective. Something I’ve personally found to be a game-changer on my simplicity journey—living in the now.

You see, for a long time, I was either stuck regretting the past or worrying about the future.

I was always planning and strategizing. I know planning is important. But I was so engrossed in it that I forgot to live in the present.

It was only when I stumbled upon mindfulness—the practice of focusing on the present moment—that I realized what I was missing out on. The simple joy of enjoying a meal without thinking about my next task. The beauty of a quiet morning without worrying about the rest of the day. The peace that comes from simply being.

Mindfulness helped me slow down and appreciate the simple moments in life—the here and now. It reduced my stress levels, improved my concentration, and honestly, made me a happier person.

So, if you’re like old-me, always lost in thought about what’s next, try to take a step back. Take a deep breath. Look around you. Savor this moment—the sounds, the smells, the feelings—because this moment is your life.

Remember, the past is gone, and the future is yet to come. All we truly have is now. So why not make the most of it?

7. Spending less than you earn

Money— we all need it, we all want more of it, and yet, we’re often told that it doesn’t bring happiness. Well, here’s the thing.

Money might not buy happiness, but financial stress can definitely steal it away. Being constantly worried about paying bills on time, dealing with debts, not having enough for emergencies—these are things that can keep you up at night.

That’s why one of the key steps to simplifying your life is to spend less than you earn. Now, I’m not talking about hoarding every penny and living like a hermit. It’s about being mindful of your spending, saving for a rainy day, and steering clear of unnecessary debt.

Living below your means gives you a sense of security—a safety net for when times get tough. It means fewer worries about money and more freedom to do things you love.

And sometimes, it’s about making tough choices—choosing needs over wants, delayed gratification over instant pleasure. The peace of mind that comes with financial stability is worth every sacrifice.

So take a hard look at your finances. Make a budget. Track your spending. Start saving. It might seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll become second nature.

8. Choosing quality over quantity

We’re constantly told that more is better—more clothes, more gadgets, more friends, more everything. But is it really?

The truth is, having too much of anything can be overwhelming. It clutters our space, our minds, and even our social lives. That’s why the final step towards a simpler life is to choose quality over quantity.

Instead of buying a lot of cheap clothes that won’t last a season, invest in a few high-quality pieces that will last for years. Instead of constantly chasing new friendships, nurture the relationships you already have.

You’ll find that having fewer but better things and deeper, more meaningful relationships is much more satisfying than always wanting more. It reduces stress, saves money and time, and contributes to a happier and simpler life.

Remember, the goal of simplicity is not to deprive yourself but to make room for what truly matters.

And often, it’s the quality—not quantity—that counts. So why not start making conscious choices towards quality in all aspects of your life? You won’t regret it!

9. Embracing the journey

Simplifying your life isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. And it’s a journey I’m still on myself. Every day is a chance to make choices that lead to a simpler, happier life.

But it’s not always easy. There are days when my space gets cluttered again, when I struggle to say “no”, when my routines get disrupted. And that’s okay.

You see, simplicity isn’t about perfection. It’s about making progress. It’s about making more room for happiness and less room for stress. It’s about learning to appreciate the simple moments in life.

So, if you’re on this journey like me, remember to be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day or make a mistake. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going.

Because the truth is, every step you take towards simplicity—no matter how small—is a step in the right direction. And every step is worth celebrating.

10. Appreciating the simple things

Now for my final point—a gentle reminder to appreciate the simple things in life. In our constant rush to achieve more, do more, be more, we often overlook the simple joys around us.

The warmth of the sun on your skin. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning. The sound of laughter from a loved one. These are the moments that truly matter.

So take a moment to pause. Look around you. Take a deep breath. Appreciate the beauty in simplicity because these little moments make up the big picture of life.

Remember, simplifying your life isn’t just about decluttering your space or managing your time better. It’s about making room for happiness, peace, and contentment. And often, you’ll find these not in grand achievements or material possessions but in the simplest moments of life.

Here’s to a simpler, happier life—a life filled with moments that truly matter!

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