10 easy ways to invite more miracles into your life

We humans are a curious lot – we’re the ones with the biggest capacity in the animal kingdom to daydream and imagine, yet we can’t see the little miracles happening all around us. 

Now, let me clarify – I’m not talking about huge biblical miracles like someone waking up from the dead, or the paralyzed suddenly getting up and walking about. 

I’m talking about miracles in the sense that Merriam Webster defines it: “an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment”. 

There’s lots of those taking place here and there, but we don’t even notice them. 

Or maybe you do see them and wonder why they always seem to be happening for someone else. Rarely, maybe even never, for you. 

Well, let’s see what we can do about that. Here are 10 easy things you can do to attract more miracles into your life: 

1) Believe in miracles

First, the main thing about miracles – you either believe in them or you don’t. Let’s start there. 

You see, the word “miracle” denotes a spiritual aspect to it. A certain belief in a certain force, whatever that means for you. 

Without first accepting that premise, you won’t recognize a miracle even if it unfolds right before your eyes. 

But you’re here right now reading this, so I’m going to assume that yes, you do believe in miracles, even if it’s just at a miniscule level. 

You’re at the starting point – belief. And there’s nowhere to go but forward!  

2) Be present in the moment

So, you’re already believing in the idea of miracles. The next step is to keep your eyes peeled. Be present and grounded in the moment

I’ll share a quick story related to this point – I once went to Australia for a vacation with my friend. On our third day, we were supposed to head to a mall for some shopping, but we got on the wrong bus and ended up in a completely different place. 

Bad luck? My friend thought so. She freaked out the whole time, frantic that we didn’t know where we were. But me? I saw it as good luck. A miracle! 

Because the place we ended up at was a thousand times better than the mall. It was a beautiful monastery with lots of greenery and gorgeous birds flitting from tree to tree, hundreds of little miracles themselves. 

I totally understand why my friend was distraught the whole time, though. Getting lost isn’t a pleasant experience for everyone. 

But I do think that if she chose to be present in the moment, she would’ve appreciated what was happening as much as I did. There were little unexpected gifts all around us, but she didn’t see them that way.

The point is, seeing miracles involves an openness of the mind and spirit. Mindfulness gives you that so you can see what you would otherwise miss. 

3) Let go of the past

Speaking of openness, you’ll have to let go of the past as well and all the baggage it brings with it. Mistakes. Regrets. Grudges. 

It’s just a matter of getting your inner house ready. How can miracles and good things come into your life if you’ve got no room for them? 

4) Be aware of your energy

Back when my life was still “miracle-free”, I ranted to a friend – “Why is it that nothing I do ever seems to go right?” 

In reply, she asked me another question, “Well, what kind of energy do you put out?” 

That was a stumper for me, as I wasn’t aware then that energy plays a role in our life experiences. That it’s contagious and has the power to attract or repel. 

See, your energy is like a beacon that sends signals into the world about what you’re feeling and thinking. Simply put, it’s the vibe you give off, even without saying a word. 

It might sound like some woo-woo mumbo-jumbo, but there’s real science behind it. Positive emotions do activate our brain’s capacity for expansion and connection. 

According to Dr. Barbara Frederikson, “Positive emotions expand our awareness and open us up to new ideas.” All the better to attract and see the miracles happening around us!

This circles back to what I mentioned earlier – to the openness of the mind and spirit. 

In the same way, check the energy around you. Are you spending time with people who lift you up or bring you down? Are you consuming media that inspires you or drains you? 

Making conscious choices about your environment helps cultivate an energy that’s conducive to miracles. It’s about creating a space – both internally and externally – where good things feel welcome to enter.

5) Practice self-care

Now that you know how energy plays a role in the attraction of miracles into your life, perhaps you can see the logic behind prioritizing self-care

After all, you can’t exude positive energy if you’re feeling rundown and stressed out. If you feel pulled in different directions. 

In contrast, when you feel good about yourself, you’re in a better position to receive good things.

Self-care is your way of recharging your batteries. When you give your body and mind the care it needs, you bring your vibration up to a level where it’s humming and brilliant and ready. 

That’s the kind of energy that not only invites miracles in but also allows you to fully enjoy them when they arrive. 

6) Practice gratitude

Learning to be grateful was one of the best things I ever did to shift my mindset from scarcity to abundance. To see that my life was full of miracles rather than without. 

When you start your day counting your blessings, you stop thinking of what you don’t have and focus on what you do have. 

I started keeping a gratitude journal, jotting down three things I was thankful for each day. It might sound small, but this tiny practice transformed how I saw my world. 

Suddenly, the smallest things felt like gifts – a stunning sunset, a full moon poised at just the right angle over a tall building, a neighbor who didn’t get mad when I asked if they could lower the music a notch…

I mean, these might sound like nothing, but to me, they sound like miracles because they bring: 

  • Unexpected joy
  • A sense of wonder
  • A sense of connection
  • A sense of peace

In my book, that’s what a miracle is. And you know what? The more you notice the good stuff, the more good stuff comes your way!

7) Set your intentions

Another habit that really helped me invite miracles into my own life was setting intentions. I think of it like opening up a road for myself. 

If you’ve read or watched Harry Potter, then perhaps you remember the Marauder’s Map – a blank parchment that would only reveal its contents with the statement of a clear intention: 

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

And then a whole map would appear, and you were free to choose wherever you wanted to go. 

Obviously, we’re not up to mischief here – we’re aiming for the opposite! But the principle is the same. 

Here’s what I’ve noticed in my own life when I set intentions: 

  • It becomes clear what I truly want and value, and this guides my thoughts and actions
  • I become focused and direct my energy towards my stated intentions
  • I feel more positive and I can envision myself achieving those goals
  • That positive energy attracts positive events (“miracles”) – the Law of Attraction at work!

Essentially, setting intentions creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. We develop a mindset and environment that makes it easy for us to notice and attract positive events in life.

8) Open yourself to creativity

What does creativity have to do with inviting miracles? 

Oh, a lot. 

Dr. Roni Beth Tower discusses this in Psychology Today. According to her, those who are most comfortable with play have the easiest time with arriving at illumination – the “aha!” moment to solving a problem. 

Simply put, for those who make time for creativity, novel visions emerge more easily. 

And when you think about it, the creative process is kinda miraculous in itself. I’ve faced many a blank canvas, started with random squiggles and lines with no specific plan in mind, and somehow ended up with a painting that I didn’t even know where it came from. 

A miracle? I think so!

9) Cultivate kindness and compassion

I truly believe that kindness is one of the most powerful, magical and miraculous forces out there. 

You see, it’s a chain reaction. Just a small act of kindness that you do for someone else can set off a ripple effect. That person feels inspired to be kind to someone else, and the kindnesses go on and on, passing from one person to another. 

Imagine being the starting point of all that? That’s a miracle in itself.

And I suppose when you’re doling out little miracles yourself, miracles come back as well to you. Maybe even a hundredfold! 

Because once again, it’s about energy. You put out positive energy, and it will come back to you. Not to get biblical here, but really, you reap what you sow. 

10) Connect with nature

Lastly, if you haven’t been doing this yet, I urge you to go out and spend some time in nature. 


There’s something about being outdoors that reconnects us to the wonder of life. I guess it’s because nature is chockfull of little miracles. 

Stars suspended in the sky by some unseen force. Creepy crawlies just going about their business but doing the work it takes to keep the earth fertile. Sometimes, it’s truly mind-boggling how everything works so well together. 

There’s a whole world of beauty out there; only the jaded and cynical would fail to find the lessons in them. 

But if you can, then trust me, you have what it takes to invite and see every little miracle that comes into your life. 

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