7 daily rituals of people who live with undeniable purpose

Did you know that the word “purpose” can be traced back to the Old French “porpos”, which means “aim” or “intention”?

Of course, this makes complete sense – to have a purpose is to have a goal and to live one’s life with intention. Unfortunately, not many people are lucky enough to wake up every day with an aim in mind or with a goal that fuels them with fire.

Is it about luck, though? Or is it just about the fact that we need to go outside our comfort zone from time to time in order to discover what our meaning in life is?

While you ponder that question, here are the 7 daily rituals of people who live with undeniable purpose – rituals that you can replicate, too.

1) They take a minute to appreciate where they are in life

I’ve tried to incorporate many rituals into my life over the years, and the one ritual that’s helped me more than anything is to take a moment – a minute or even a few seconds – to feel grateful for all that I have.

And yes, this applies when I’m struggling, too. The thing is, gratitude isn’t just about recounting all your material possessions or taking pride in your achievements (although those are valid as well).

At its core, it’s about romanticizing the hell out of your life. Make your life into a story that has a meaning, and you’ll soon find that every day – no matter how good or bad – serves a purpose.

When I’m doing well, I appreciate just how amazing today is. When I’m doing badly, I think of this moment as a necessary component of my success story – after all, success stories are only interesting if the protagonist goes through a challenge or two.

Every day, you are exactly where you’re meant to be. Isn’t that beautiful in its own bittersweet way?

2) They go over their to-do list

Now let’s get into the more practical stuff – organization and taking active steps toward reaching your goals.

Let’s be honest – it’s not enough to know your purpose. You also have to perform the necessary steps to fulfill it and to be able to juggle all the other aspects of life (such as cooking, house chores, and paying the bills) at the same time.

And that’s where to-do lists come in. Every driven person I know has one and goes through it first thing in the morning to remind themselves of the tasks ahead.

This allows them to split their life into clean boxes, helping them stay on top of everything while also pursuing their purpose.

I, for example, have a template in Notion that includes:

  • My to-do list for the day
  • A flexible schedule for my upcoming days
  • A list of tasks I need to do by the end of the week
  • Important dates for the month
  • Monthly goals
  • Yearly goals

Not everyone needs to be as organized as that, though – a simple to-do list is a good place to start.

3) They organize their days around their primary purpose

Over the years, I’ve noticed that plenty of people are aware of their purpose. They just don’t make the time for it.

You might want to become a bestselling fiction author but rarely actually sit down to write.

You might dream of becoming a yoga instructor but never sign up for a course.

The excuses are usually all similar in nature – you don’t have enough time, enough energy, or enough motivation.

But isn’t it a shame that you’re going through life spending all that time, energy, and motivation on things that don’t inherently matter to you?

What’s more, are you okay with the fact that your life will keep on evolving in this direction because you refuse to open up a new path for yourself?

What you do every day determines where you go in life. People who live with undeniable purpose know that, and they always make sure to prioritize their primary goals.

Their purpose isn’t an afterthought.

4) They get into states of flow

My favorite thing about devoting a lot of time to one’s purpose is that it inevitably leads to multiple flow states a day.

A flow is a state of mind when you’re so immersed in the activity you’re doing that you completely forget your surroundings. You don’t grab your phone every five minutes; you don’t daydream about a vacation in Italy; you don’t get distracted by everything and anything, unable to focus.

It’s the complete opposite. And let me tell you… it’s absolutely amazing. When you’re in a flow, you’re essentially the happiest you could ever be because you’re completely satisfied in the here and now.

The activity that sparks your flow may be completely different from the person next to you – for example, I easily reach it when writing, while my friend experiences it when he creates music – and once you find it, don’t let it go.


Because the fact that you’ve reached flow so easily might mean that this is your life’s purpose.

5) They take breaks

Another daily ritual we need to talk about is… taking a break.

Yes, it’s as simple as that. While the eight-hour workday is a completely normalized concept nowadays, the maximum attention span actually only lasts around twenty minutes.

This means that unless you’re in flow, it’s a really good idea to take a break every half an hour or so. Five minutes should be enough to recharge your batteries and help you re-find your focus when you go back to work.

Productivity is a very glamorized idea nowadays, one that can quickly turn toxic if you don’t listen to your body’s needs.

Everyone’s energy levels differ. Listen to your gut instinct. It might take a bit of time to tweak your daily schedule so that you work at your best, but once you find it, you’ll realize that pursuing your purpose becomes a much easier task.

Even something you’re incredibly passionate about can get a little bit too much. Don’t overdo it. Breaks are productive, too – they ensure that you can give it your 100% later on.

6) They add some sparkle from time to time

When you imagine a person who lives with undeniable purpose, you might think that they work day in and day out and never get tired.

Since they’ve found something that gives them a reason to wake up every morning, they must simply never run out of their “passion reserves” as it were, right?

But this is simply not true. Frankly, even the most exciting vocation can get tiring after a while. What’s more, there will always be parts of what you do that you don’t enjoy.

For example, you might really love being a business owner, but you’ll still hate sorting through emails. You might be an amazing painter, and there will still be days when you wake up and feel uninspired.

This is why it’s a good idea to add some sparkle when needed. Shift things around. Do something out of the ordinary.

If you always work from home, try a local café. If you’ve been stuck in the same work routine for weeks and feel like being a CEO is becoming very mechanic, try innovating again. If you’re studying for history exams but the textbooks bore you, watch a fun YouTube video on the topic.

A daily ritual doesn’t need to be something that stays the same every day. A daily ritual can be the simple fact that you know how to balance between routine and novelty. In short, a daily ritual can be the willingness to go where your intuition takes you.

7) They do something nice for themselves

Lastly, living with purpose is thrilling as much as it is exhausting. I mean, you’re pouring all your heart and soul into something meaningful – that can take its toll.

This is why it’s important to realize that your purpose isn’t just the job you’ve chosen for yourself or the charity work you do. It’s also the simple fact that you are alive, you are here, and you are happy.

Because if you’re not happy, what is all this for? If you’re not willing to do something nice for yourself every day, such as half an hour of self-care or eating a nice treat, what’s the point?

Your purpose isn’t just to work. It’s to enjoy life in all its greatness.

So treat yourself.

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